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Canada Addicks

How many we currently got on here ??


  • used to be
  • me representing Alberta
  • and me....
  • One more (just signed up as a member this afternoon) in Hamilton, Ontario...
  • Welcome Can-addick. I just spent 9-10 months in Ontario, further north than Hamilton in a place called Carnarvon. Had a great time over the winter. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Our family has a summer place on a lake about a half-hour north of Carnarvon...summer is great too, but winter is lovely and quiet. Didn't I just see you post on "Bermuda Addicks" as well?
  • Yep, I lived in Ontario only for the 10 months and now I'm in Bda where I am from. Just put that up as a laff, since Canada, Australia and the rest were all represented this afternoon. No one else on the board is from here, though I have in the past seen a car with a CAFC badge in the back window. Who'd have thought it... Maybe one day that other Bermuda Addick will sign up.
  • Me. The only Charlton follower in Manitoba?

    Trying to figure out how to see a Chartlon game on tv this year.
  • Captain - I shall be visiting Manitoba next month - Winnipeg & a few outlying towns. What's Winnipeg like?
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  • LoOkOut, whereabouts are you in Bermuda? I'm lucky enough to have been a few times, usually staying out at Grotto Bay and loved it. And Captain Spaulding, is it fair to say that Oakster will be confronted with swarms of mosquitos in WinterPeg next month or will they be done by then? ;-) Finally, Oakster, where are you in Alberta?

    Glad, and surprised to see Canadians (or at least SE7 exiles!) on the forum...I've been on for all of two days, and it's already a must-check every time I'm on line. The community that I sensed following the club was one of the big reasons that I've grown so attached to it, and it's great to see that I'll be able to stay somewhat connected despite temporary relegation (and as a result, presumably no CAFC on TV in Canada this year).
  • Can-addick I am in beautiful Canmore, 20 mins east of Banff & about an hour west of Calgary. Don't worry about mozzies either I've had my fair share this summer, my blood now contains about 0.75% DEET I reckon after all those applications. Not made it out to Hamilton but my boss lives there - I am often in Toronto for meetings & the like.
  • I'm on North Shore Road, just behind the City of Hamilton.
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    Well, when you live in a marsh....The city is still fogging regularly for mosquitoes, the ostensible concern being West Nile Virus, but really it's the nuisance factor. Whether they'll be bad in a month depends on the weather, of course. Mosquitoes only have about a two week lifespan, so if the standing water dries up, which it's doing now, the bugs go away a couple of weeks later. August is often a very nice month, not quite as hot and humid as July, but still summer weather.

    Oakster, I live outside of Winnipeg and I'm not really up on the nightlife so a I can't comment on that. There are lots of good restaurants, a pretty good sampling of high culture but this is the off season, and a lively alternative music scene. Public transport is reprehensible, the city lives, and increasingly, dies by the car.

    The big public event in August will be Folklorama, running from August 5 to 18th. Certainly worth taking in some of the pavilions if you're here then. Unless you're a Justin Timberlake fan, that's the biggest event for the month.

    In my limited imagination, I think of Winnipeg as like Edmonton with less money, or like Chicago, if Chicago hadn't had a future.

    Oh, and there's the Winnipeg Goldeyes, they're at home till the 12th and again for the last week of the month.
  • Greetings

    I popped on briefly a few months back to say hi.

    I have been shuttling back and forth to Toronto for the past four months - if that counts in any way!

    Based in SE13, west-stand s/t holder, working for a Montreal / Toronto-based company, often travelling around Canada and always up for watching a game. Sounds like that's not going to be much of an option now we're in the Championship though...
  • Hi,
    1st comment on here.
    I live in sunny Tsawwassen south of Vancouver. Been here for 3 years.
  • Welcome pjs... Everyone I know who's been to BC raves about it. It looks so beautiful. I'm sure I'll make it out there someday.
  • Bloody hell! wlcome pjs35 , can-Add an spaulding! I rembember when we were in the chanposhioship and i was living in hong kong we had nothing like this. welcome and enjoy!
  • "chanposhioship"

    LOL! Did you say you'd had a few Curb-it ;-)
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    pjs I often take the ferry over to Victoria from Tsawwassen, BC is indeed a beautiful place, funnily enough I live only a few km's from the Alberta/BC border but these parts are a world away from the lower mainland.......

    I think BC is officially now the most Charlton-Lifeish province in Canada.
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  • pjs35 - I'm heading down to Tsawwassen from Whistler on August 4th to get the ferry over to Nanaimo. we're picking the girlf's folks up from the airport and doing the east coast of the island and sunshine coast in the campervan we just bought. On the 4th we're plannig on booking into a hotel either close to the airport, or the ferry port. Any recommendations down that way???? We're getting the first ferry over on Sunday morning.
  • Gents, its a pleasure to converse with so many addicks.
    BC is a beautiful place to live.
    Last trip to the Valley was back in 2004 v Southampton.
    I was back in the UK in May but just after the Spurs game unfortunately.

    thecrazyaddick - we have a decent hotel in Tsawwassen, The Coast Tsawwassen Inn (604) 943 - 8221. This is only 5 minutes from the ferry terminal and a pretty good hotel.

    Oakster - I travel from Tsawwassen to the Island on sales trips generallly once a month.

    I take it that there will be no coverage on TV for this season. I get Fox Sports Canada and that only seems to be the Premiership.
    Anybody get to see any U 20 World Cup games?
    I saw all the games in Burnaby. The Spain v Brazil game was superb. Got a few decent comments on my charlton shirt.
  • There is coverage of all live Sky games - you need to get an ITVN box & subscribe to Setanta Sports

    Otherwise UKNova usually has The Championship downloadable a day or two after it's broadcast.......
  • pjs35 - Do you get to any whitecaps games? I'm a season ticket holder and normally stand and get trashed with the southsiders.
  • crazyaddick - send me a whisper and i'll give some good tips on the island and the sunshine coast
  • Oakster - when you are in town we should all try and get together for a beer - we might even get lucky and be able to watch a charlton game
  • I keep hearing great things about Vancouver - it seems anyone who goes there from this flooded, hoody run hell hole wants to live there! Is it as good as everyone makes out or does it have the problems all big cities have?
  • my aunt lives in BC if that counts
  • Can-Addick, did you realise there is a fully fledged Addicks Overseas Supporters club in Hamilton, ON?
  • Albertan Addick here representing err take a guess, I'm in Cowtown otherwise known as Calgary.

    Setanta is being broadcast by Shaw in AB channel 154 currently freeview but CAD15 in September, so we may get some Charlton games, but I'm hoping some Chinese websites might carry them due to the ZZ connection.
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