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Premature Comestible Withdrawal



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    Blue Nun another blast from the past. 
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    edited October 2021
    iaitch said:
    Blue Nun another blast from the past. 
    Personally I was always a fan of Niersteiner Gutes Domtal about £3.99 or so, added benefit- no chills in winter months!
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    Watney's Party 7 beer,

    Smith's original Crisps with packet of salt.

    Nux Bar

    A quarter of a Bovril beef drink as served at Charlton under the  Covered End.

    Roast Chestnuts sold in Harvey Gardens in autumn after being  cooked on a hot brasier.

    Peanuts , tanner a bag.

    Watneys, my old uncle used to say, “don’t take the piss out of watneys, it needs or the flavour it can get”. Probably a common joke in the 70’s. 
    The joke of the time was "What's the connection between Watney's Red Barrel and making love in a punt?  They're both fucking close to water".

    Similar to Red Barrel in the taste stakes was "Big head Trophy bitter, the pint that thinks it's a quart".
    Frankly all draught beers in Britain were piss until the Campaign for Real Ale exerted it's influence in the 1970's.
    Watneys Red Barrel, Whitbread Trophy, Worthington 'E'.
    You name it, the standard was appalling.
    I think you mean keg rather than draught.  There was lots of good draught in the 1970s - Youngs, Fullers, Everards, Home Ales, Marstons, Eldridge Pope down on the south coast., and many, many more.  Camra helped to stop the rot but the good stuff was still out there.
    Yeh, think I do mean keg, thanks.
    I recall back in the day the big brewers owned most of the pubs and cornered the market with their swill.
    Took a while for them to get on board the "real ale" bandwagon.

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    Hal1x said:
    I was surprised to find that you can no longer buy Shield soap, my armpits need this to get rid of my hideous funk. Over the years some of my favourite groceries have disappeared such as Start breakfast cereal and Vesta Chow Mein (fair enough it was horrible) has anyone else suffered from discontinuation of favoured requisites, or is it just a sign of my old age.
    You can still get Vesta Chow Mein

    But can you still get

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