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Sticky threads

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Previously on CharltonLife...
At the weekend we made the Ben Jay support thread a "sticky thread", so it appeared as an announcement at the top of the board, in order to draw attention to the Just Giving page that @Rob7Lee had set up for him. However this was only intended to be a temporary measure, as if we have too many people tend to tune them out. We returned it to a standard thread on Thursday evening, which caused a bit of confusion. So as not to derail the support thread with queries about why threads are made sticky or for how long, as Ben and his family don't need to be distracted by internal forum processes at this difficult time, if you want to discuss the thinking behind it, please do it here not there, once we open this thread for comments in the morning.

We may end up using this first post as a guide to the various sticky posts, but I don't have all the information to hand right now, so we may add that here later. For instance, the Match thread for a given game usually gets made a sticky roughly an hour before the match, and gets left up for a day after to allow those masochists who want to follow the reactions as they happened an opportunity to read through it.


  • Solidgone said:
    Will you be making this sticky threads a sticky thread for all the sticky threads or is this sticky threads just to inform that sticky threads will no longer remain a sticky thread for too long? 
    Get it wrong and they’ll be on a sticky wicket.
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