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ITV to take over highlights show from next season


  • That is a shame. Really like the Quest show. Colin Murray is great and the guests are always entertaining and knowledgeable about the lower leagues. ITV will be shite, unless they take the current team with them?
  • Fully expect hour highlights of one team in the Championship, then 30mins of goals in every other game.
  • Annoying that.  Quest have the right formula in my opinion.  Knowledgeable guests with a bit of charisma and I like Murray too.

    if it’s the standard itv cronies it will be a selection of average former players milking another payday out of the game with very little value-added contributions

    Ally on Quest really knows his shit! 
  • Already a thread on this. But agree with you. 
  • ITV has been consistently awful whenever they have done highlights shows. This, I imagine, will follow suit. EFL on quest is excellent with the pundits they have on - ones that actually know about the lower leagues.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see old PL has beens rolled out by ITV.

    Although, if we carry on playing like we have been recently I certainly wouldn't be tuning in whatever channel it is on!
  • Thought you meant instead of match of the day for a moment. Was looking forward to another Lisbie hat-trick.
  • Colin Murray is good whatever he presents. 
    Even when he covered on Countdown. 

    Hope they somehow keep him in the gig 
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