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Please Johnny think of the club and not your ambition

Listen mate we all love you,its fair to say you are one of us and always will be but it’s not working mate.You played for us far better than any of the current team.They must be the worst bunch of players I’ve seen since 1959 since as a lad I first started my love affair with this club.We are on the brink of becoming a non entity in football terms unless the guitar player comes to his senses and gets some advice on how to run a football club or he sells up ( if there’s any takers) otherwise we might get someone in to sort this mess out.But there’s not much time left.


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    We are on the brink of becoming a non entity in football terms….But there’s not much time left.
    I think that’s over-dramatic. I think it is likely to take more than one season to get promoted from League One. However, despite the poor showing this season, we are still a way off League Two. There are loads of examples of clubs recovering after bad periods. I don’t know what you mean by being ‘a non entity in football terms’, but if you mean rattling around in League One or Two for the next 25 years, I see it as a wild prediction. People, businesses, football clubs sort out their problems. Whether we do and how quickly is another matter. I doubt that we will get automatic promotion next year, but we might. I’d be more surprised if we were relegated.
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    Probably best dealt with on the existing Jackson has to go thread:

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