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  • RIP
  • That's very sad
  • RIP.
    Loved him in Minder and the Sweeny.
  • Minder is one one of my favourite TV series of all time . RIP Terry 
  • RIP. Loved The Sweeney so much I had to have a Ford Granada (even though the car in the series was the Consul badged variant).
  • edited May 2022
    That's a bloody shock and a shame, loved The Sweeny and Minder, great shows RIP Dennis and thanks for everything.
  • Loved him in the Sweeney and Minder. RIP mate

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  • 74 is very young. RIP
  • RIP…...Dennis……RIP
  • A big shame.

    Out of respect, @Henry Irving can the title of the thread include two ns in Dennis?

    But not as bad as The Sun, which has got a picture of the wrong "Minder" (Gary Webster) on its web site! 
  • Sad news. Thought he nailed every part he played even up to new tricks.

  • Was brilliant as Terry in Minder, RIP Dennis. 
  • Too young for The Sweeney, grew up with Minder and then On The Up. 
  • Very sad. Great, under-rated actor. RIP Dennis.
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  • That’s very sad.
    Just about remember the Sweeney.
    Minder was funny.

    He seemed to be everywhere in the 80’s.

    RIP Tel & enjoy the cigar ♥️
  • Brilliant along side John Thaw in what is the best ever Police drama series in the world ever - full stop

    In Minder the chemistry between him and George Cole was wonderful to watch - again a superb drama/ comedy

  • That is sad. Yet another one.

    RIP Dennis
  • RIP Dennis, the sweeney will never be beaten for reality old bill series, terrific in Minder with George Cole as well.
  • Shame. Thought he was great in Little Britain.............RIP
  • Loved his chemistry with George Cole. Happy childhood memories of TV.

    RIP Dennis. 
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