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Terry Hall RIP

Utterly shocked by this. He made so much great music with the Specials etc.


  • Gutted RIP.
  • An absolute legend; a titan of music IMHO.

    RIP Terry, and thank you.
  • So very sad, Loved so much of his music

  • Awful news. Big influence on my teenage musical tastes and still listen to The Specials pretty much weekly.

  • Oh shit that’s awful … such a talent, loved the bloke RIP
  • Much too young 

  • That is awful news

    RIP Terry
  • I have to say this may be one of the very few RIP notices that have left me shocked!

    RIP Terry, your lips are now sealed but we’ll still be able to hear your voice and it will live on.
  • Damn, how sad. 
    RIP Terry & thanks for the music. 
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  • My now wife, hooked me at a party, singing the Lunatics have taken over the asylum, to me. 
  • Aw no. Loved The Specials and The Funboy Three, and have enjoyed a smattering of stuff from his later projects as well. The Collection is a nice overview I think.
  • One. Cool. Dude.

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  • Just seen the news and absolutely gutted. I only received a copy of a new 10” they brought out for Record Store Black Friday yesterday. One of my favourite bands and singers and always just a seriously good guy. Terrible news. 
  • Shocking news, one of my favourite musical talents - pretty much so loved everything that he did.

    Really sad to hear this, such a fixture of my teenage years and early adulthood.

    RIP Terry.
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    stonemuse said:
    Ghost Town video … Terry Hall in the car going through Rotherhithe Tunnel … one of the greatest songs and videos … seemed perfect for him

    Brilliant song and video...
  • Gutted. So much great music, and taken from us much too young.

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  • Gutted. Trailblazer. Unbelievable talent. 
  • Gutted to hear of this, part of the soundtrack of my youth, RIP
  • A true original, loved his deadpan style, made it feel more real. Obviously there have always been bands with a message about not being racist, but The Specials were in the right time and right place for me to always associate them with that fight. But he could do love songs and personal stuff too, some of which was really dark. And he sung in his own voice, not trying to sound like anyone else. 
    RIP Terry, genuinely shocked and saddened at this. 
  • Gutted. RIP.
  • Absolutely gutted. This was a real bolt from the blue. I always remember Chris Powell naming The Specials as his favourite band, and he was absolutely right to do so. The Specials were one hell of a band. To follow up with Fun Boy Three shows how seriously talented he, Neville and Lynval were.  It's a crying shame that he has left us so early. Goodnight Terry.  
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    An icon from my youth. Saw them at Lewisham Odeon in the 80's and then NYC and Boston more recently. Absolutely shocked at this ! 
  • Absolutely gutted. Hugely influential on my teenage years. Loved The Specials. Terry Hall was so original. Huge loss. RIP Terry. 
  • He didn’t do too much, but he’s certainly left us too young

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