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Xmas Thread 2022 - Best and Worst Presents

So who got what this year?

Any noticeable good presents, awful ones or presents that you're not sure why the person bought them for you!?


  • No bad ones yet, all to plan here (maybe as I did a list). 

    invictus aftershave, wireless headphones and some new golf balls to lose. 
  • My missus got me a Sonas beam sound bar complete with two rear speakers, already it’s set up and we’re watching Die hard the Christmas movie, bit disappointing there’s no sub but it’s my birthday next week so 🤞
    Other than that, walking trainers and cargo trousers seem to be this years socks and pants replacements. 

  • Got some touchscreen gloves (so wont get cold hands when out with the camera now), also got some Macro Extension tubes, cheap alternative to Macro Photography instead of splashing £300-£1000 on a proper lens.

    They were things I'd put on my Amazon wish list, so delighted with both.
  • No bad presents, my wife gave me vouchers for the new clothes shop in Blackfen, Tonics. Have already bought a few bits in there, it’s great shop. Best present though was just a stocking filler from my wife, a selection of miniature after shaves. Will save having to take a full bottle whenever I/we go away for weekends (which we do fairly regularly).
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  • I got an air fryer, so chuffed.
  • Talal said:
    Best present was a wats app Christmas message from Sean Claire for my daughter. A massive thank you to Tracey Leaburn for sorting this out. So tomorrow my daughter going to buy a new Charlton shirt with Claire on the back. 

    Worse present. Was some woof woof beer from the mother in law. 
    Just make sure they spell it Clare 😉
    Thanks mate. Much appreciated 
  • Not my present,  it is my niece's, a body cream called Brazilian Biggie Biggie Bum Bum. Supposed to be very good.
  • The FIL gave me the Neville Staples autobiography, Rude Boy. Will enjoy reading that.
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  • not pooping the party at all .. yesterday after treatment I received from Nth Lincs NHS Trust a parcel containing strong steroids and anti-biotics  to tackle a long standing viral chest infection .. working already even after 23 hours .. best present for years .. right, back to normal  <3
    All the best mate 
  • A vegetable brush :-(
  • Best- trainers and a Fitbit watch

    worst - a shopping bag….

  • Proper Charlton.

    Best present is tickets to see Mike Bubbins in March. 
    That's cool except that illustration for Thames Ironworks. That crossing of the arms thing is a recent trend. 
    I stand to be corrected but I think it unlikely.
  • I got my wife a tablet but haven't been able to connect it to the WiFi at all. So I guess that's the worst.
  • JohnBoyUK said:
    Was given some nice aftershave and then was told I coudnt open it as the wife had forgotten to buy her brother a present and said she'd be wrapping it up again haha
    And her brother is a gooner😁
  • Got this. It’s pretty much useless on account of how my jokes normally clean up… <pause>… I’ll get me soap…
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