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Lineker and Attenborough

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I am absolutely furious. Proof the BBC are completely under the Tories' thumb. 


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    Tried posting some witty GIF of a bloke eating popcorn as if he’s expecting a load of drama to unfold, but my fat fingers can’t seem to sort it.
  • Have they been sacked?
  • Somebody will soon say this thread should be on the House of Commoners thread.
  • Sky are saying that the BBC have, effectively, lied in saying that Lineker "has agreed to step down from presenting" and that he has, in fast, been taken off air by them because he has refused to apologise for his Tweets. 
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  • Really is a farce. Amazing Motd is now embroiled in the latest culture war being stoked by the Tory party 
  • Boycott it
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