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POST-MATCH THREAD: Cheltenham Town vs Charlton Athletic | Sunday 7th May 2023 KO 12.00 Noon

Last game of this poor campaign saw Charlton making the trek to Gloucestershire seeking to keep ahold of tenth place. The Addicks didn’t get off to a bright start but went on to dominate the half with a number of opportunities that should have seen them a few goals to the good. However, only one was converted when Scott Fraser waltz into the box and deftly slotted the ball past a hapless Cheltenham keeper. 

Cheltenham came out with renewed vigour and found themselves with their own opportunities. They quickly equalised on 50 mins through a lapse in concentration and a Maynard-Brewer error. Subs were made and Jack Payne soon found himself the beneficiary of a mixup at the Cheltenham back that found him in on goal on 83 minutes to put us back in front. Unfortunately, as is the norm this season, another lapse in concentration saw Cheltenham’s Alfie May equaliser three minutes later. Sigh.

A point a piece seems to have been enough to see Charlton finish in tenth. 

Cheltenham 2 Charlton 2

Over to you.


  • Feel sorry for Roddy, whole team were switched off and he was the only one to react. 

    Real shame we couldn't hang on for the win but we were comfortable looking for the majority of the game. Maybe too comfortable up top.
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    Listened to the game on Charlton Live……sounded like we should have had the result put to bed before half time. Something of a recurring theme wouldn’t you say!
    Overall I am disappointed with the result…..letting them come back twice was very disappointing. 🤨
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  • I have a funny little feeling that Claire's "knee injury" and Inniss' "we don't want him to get a 6 match ban" are just cover for the fact they have been told their contracts aren't being renewed.

    Hector and Thomas played pretty well today. I reckon they will both get new offers but Claire and Inniss won't.

    We can hope
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    Thought Hector played well, would like him to stay next season. Gonna miss JRS, we need a top quality replacement. Fraser did well as did Egbo, Leaburn was quiet, but Tyreece was a handful.
    We need a big overhaul in the summer, for me Morgan, Innis, and all those out on loan need to be moved on.
    However if TS doesn't sell, it'll be another season of rinse and repeat!
    Just to add I'd keep CBT.
    Alfie May is what we need for starters!
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    It was a strange game as we played quite well but lacked a bit of cutting edge up front with some quality chances passed up. Defensively we were ok but with moments were we looked pretty fragile. It looked a good shout for a penalty on JRS.
  • aliwibble said:
    arny23394 said:
    Equaliser let me down for 300 quid. I hate us.
    I have never understood why any fan would bet on us. It's enough of a kick in the teeth when we concede a last minute goal without any personal money riding on it, let alone adding a financial penalty to it as well.

  • Aaron Henry is just so slow both on the ball and movement wise around the park. Unless he quickens up he will get regularly caught on the ball at this level. Despite the hype around him, he just doesn't do it for me.
    My feelings as well mate. The future is bright with players coming through the academy but I dont think he is one of them.
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  • Totally agree about Brewer. That first goal was a carbon copy of Morecambe's third a fortnight ago. So he has not learnt from it, as you are supposed to do. If a Keeper gets two hands to a shot then he should be tilting the shot out for a corner, not putting it back in play. So many mistakes lately, ridiculous he has stayed in the side.

    I'm a worried man if Holden thinks he is our starting keeper next year.
  • Just watched the end of todays programme on CATV. Scott went through a small list of people he wanted to thank, also thanked the fans for buying and watching and signed off by saying "have a good summer, hopefully we will see you on the other side. That was twice he mentioned during the show that hopefully they will be back next season......I really hope, whoever is in charge keeps this programme means a lot to those who live away. 
    Yup. Minto's summing up was a real hope to see you next year but don't put money on it.

    I know there are some who won't agree but establishing Charlton TV in its current format is the best thing TS did here.

    Sadly, though, didn't Methvens prospectus include shutting Charlton TV as part of his cost cutting propsals?

    Don't despair totally though. Even if Charlton TV goes in its current format, the games should still be streamed by IFollow. There will just be no Minto, Curbs or Brown in the studio. That would be a huge shame but not the end of the world.
  • The curtain comes down on a season to forget With Charlton in typically inconsistent form. We had enough chances to have won that comfortably but very poor finishing from Jes and TC, in particular, cost us dearly. Yet we also looked shaky at the back and it wouldn't have been a huge surprise if we'd lost it. Good to see Asiimwe make his debut. Roll on next season. Just hoping, but without confidence, for a positive change of ownership and a more exciting team to follow next season.
  • He looked very capable. Plenty more to come. 👍
  • Aaron Henry is just so slow both on the ball and movement wise around the park. Unless he quickens up he will get regularly caught on the ball at this level. Despite the hype around him, he just doesn't do it for me.
    Can't argue with that. He gives me the impression that he thinks he's better than he really is, possibly because he's been the standout player at every age level he's competed. Too casual. I think he can improve but he needs to work hard to get in, and stay in, the team.
  • He looked very capable. Plenty more to come. 👍
    He does look a very good prospect. Not only a good footballer but the build to go with it.

    I wonder if him coming through, and Egbo as first choice, means Holden doesn't see it as essential to retain Claire?
  • Roddy getting minutes. Where did that come from?
  • We created 12 chances away from home and both JRS who forgot his shooting boots and the tired Leaburn weren't at their best.
    Fraser and Morgan were good and Henry worked hard but at 19 still needs to kick on.

    11 wins and 9 losses under Dean Holden in the league with a few draws.
    10th place is about the best we could hope for with the x factor Chuks hardly playing Corey Blackett-Taylor missing too many games and Stockley losing his form big time. 

    Dean Holden knows we need some better players to go with the youngsters and what about the players out on loan who are surplus to requirements.

    The positives are the younger players but to be contenders we need some really good recruiting to get any momentum going.
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