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RIP Tina Turner

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Brilliant singer  rip 🙏 


  • Simply The Best...RIP Tina
  • Lost some great ones this year already. A music legend. RIP
  • Rest easy Tina 
  • RIP. A real music icon with a voice to match.
  • How can this power house of a performer be gone,saw her a couple of times ,such energy and stage presence,so sad,RIP a real legend.
  • An absolute icon of the pop world. Forget her imitators. There was only one Tina Turner

  • So sad what a powerhouse singer. Will there be another one like her.
  • The Queen of Rock n Roll. RIP
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  • Wow how sad is that! Grew up with the sound of Tina, from Nutbush City Limits onwards.
    Genuinely shocked by her death.
    God bless you Tina, thanks for ALL the music. RIP to a music legend xxxx
  • Rip
     I did not realise she was 83
  • Sad news. Such a class act. Remember working as a pot washer as a 14 year old and the chef was obsessed with her. Funny as I've not really thought a out that since the mid 80s

  • That is a real shock.

    RIP Tina
  • Wonderful artist 👏
  • Iconic, RIP Tina
  • Simply the best !
  • Not the best but rest in peace Tina. Sad news.
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    Ah man, that’s a real shame. First saw her on The Private Dancer (one of my favourite albums of the 80’s) tour at Wembley in ‘85 with Bryan Adams supporting. Saw her again in ‘96, she was simply fantastic. RIP Anna Mae.
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  • What a woman.  RIP
  • RIP. One of the greats.
  • RIP to a true icon.
  • RIP Tina, goodbye to another legend.
  • Ridiculously talented - RIP.

    Went to the musical a few years back.  Great story about her revival in the 80s
  • This one is very sad. A huge loss to the Music industry. An Icon
  • I was only watching her on You tube. A live concert from London and was thinking, I wonder how she is nowadays. First the comedian passes away the other day that i like and now Tina Turner
  • F**k. That is all. RIP dear lady. 
  • Oh wow…..this is so very sad.
    Arguably the biggest and most admired female rock singer ever…..her voice was made for stardom.
    Had something of an undeserved domestic life and for me she never seemed to recover from that, which endeared her even more to her adoring public.
    RIP……Queen Tina…….RIP.
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