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Red Trouser and varying shades of, Brigade?

I’m sure most of us have been aware of the Red Trouser Brigade for sometime now, I know I have, they are a minority admittedly. Walking past Lords tonight I saw a few emerging.

Aside from sporting the same coloured trousers, these particular fashion models attending the cricket were also wearing similar blazers and ties, that though could be the Lords effect?

I did at one time think half heartedly that they belonged to a secret society, bit like the Masons but more secret.

I’ve  just asked ChatGBT, this question and this is what came back.

No, men wearing red trousers do not necessarily belong to a secret society. The color of one's trousers is not indicative of membership in any particular group or organization. Red trousers, like any other clothing item, can be a fashion choice made by individuals based on personal preference, style, or cultural influences. While there may be certain groups or societies that have specific dress codes or uniform requirements, the color of trousers alone is not enough to determine membership in a secret society.

I don’t agree, I prefer my secret club theory;) 

Anyone else have any thoughts on this minority of the population and if they’re a minority should we ridicule and discriminate against them and drive them from this fair isle of ours?;)

Of course, if Charlie does take up a position in the boardroom we may be able to get an answer straight from the 🐴 👄?


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