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** Put your Questions to Dean Holden this Thursday 7pm on Zoom**

Join CAST to hear from the manager on the eve of the season and put your questions to him.

Details on how to sign-up here:


  • What is Dean’s favourite colour?🥸
  • Phoenix Nights or Early Doors? 
  • Solidgone said:
    What is Dean’s favourite colour?🥸
    Got to be red!
  • Who did we play in the behind closed doors friendly yesterday
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  • What is his exit plan?
  • Is Kirk good at anything?
  • Can we work on taking a decent throw in! and stop pissing about with it at the back..we are not Man City!!
  • Can you make exiting from the painting pizzas cup our priority this season ?
  • has he moved  home to the SE?
  • Does he think that Dean Holden should be playing 3-5-2 or 4-3-3?
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  • What does he see in Kirk that the rest of us don’t?
  • Does he think that Dean Holden should be playing 3-5-2 or 4-3-3?
    When 352 fails due to lack of proper players in those positions, have we got a plan B-C ?
    Why is he persisting with a system where we don’t appear to have the playing staff?

    Why can’t players adapt to different formations, surely it’s not rocket science?
  • Does Dean subscribe to the Plymouth Herald or Swindon Gazette? If so, can he please join CharltonLife and share something on the rumours thread, as it has been as dry as a bone for 5 days now?
  • Do we have a set piece coach and if we do what’s he been doing
  • Why is it we still have an extra charge on match tickets if we buy them on the day or the day before? 

    Plus what on earth are you thinking playing 3 at the back??! 

    Also, what would you recommend to get out reasonably deep scratches on my car? Looking at using t-cut but not sure what type. Have a silver car. 

  • Stop short corners they are shit.

    Wheres the new striker?

    Get us promoted pretty please
  • What is the situation with Chucks?
  • Could be a lively evening!
  • Would he consider doing Strictly Come Dancing 🕺 and who would he like to partner?
    I imagine Scott might have primed him for this belter of a question!!
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