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POST MATCH THREAD : Charlton Athletic Vs Fleetwood Town : Saturday 2nd September 2023



  • Well done lads - great result 
  • stonemuse said:

    Need a lot more Goal involvement all round than that!! 
  • What comes first, May double figures for goals or cards? 

    Neck and neck at the moment!
  • Didn’t watch being exiled in the north but mightily relieved. We must get a manager who can organise us defensively because that not just an Achilles heel it the whole leg. I do think we have the personnel to tighten it up and I’m very hopeful that we’ll be up to the task elsewhere on the pitch. All about the manager now. Seasons just started for us. 
  • stonemuse said:

    So Kanu is better than May and Dobson is shit in comparison 
  • That first half was up there with the worst I’ve ever seen, possibly the worst in our entire history. We keep getting worse each week.

    plus side, somehow won, May is clearly a decent striker if we weren’t utter toilet, and Leaburn looked class and exactly what we have been missing when he came on. Angry, physical, aggressive, determined, self confident. Let’s hope he can help turn us around, despite how toss we’ve been all season, I think the table would probably look relatively exciting at the moment if we’d had him involved for the first 5 games. 
  • great start for Pearce .. now some time to bed in the newcomers, develop a consistent system and get cracking
  • Criminal first half and hour with minimal effort and application. A yard behind Fleetwood.
    We were saying that we need Bowyer to
    lay into them.
    Maybe Pearce did and the second half was an improvement.
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  • It wasn't pretty, but we do have some very entertaining players. 

    Given players due to come in, it does feel encouraging. 

    Funny what can happen if you play your best defenders in a flat back four, even if everything else felt rather improvised.  
  • Nice to stop the rot and have a positive result to reflect on. Add a Camara and a Fraser to that 2nd half and the goals will come. Other end is the issue, but not for tonight. 
  • edited September 2023
    Yessssss how good it is to get the win 
    After a poor 1st half we was definitely the better team in the second 
    Good to see Miles get on & looking good
     COYR  B)

  • Smithy said:
    Why did they take Stockley off. Idiots.
    We should never have sold Stockley. :-)

    Just joking. I think. It would have been interesting to see how he performed with Alfie May alongside him.
  • A much needed 3 points but fuck me that first half was a hard watch.
    Can only hope that when Camara, Frasier and the new guys are ready then things will improve. 
    Anyway onwards and upwards 
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  • Terrible first half and much better second. We had so much possession around the 18 yard box but need better decision making - should have scored more than two. 

    No idea what our defence was up to in the first half - left so much space.

    We can only get better...
  • Shocking performance from the ref .. let’s get that out the way first so a win was massive given the one sided official .

    First half it was a case of height and we struggled , they played very direct looking for flick ons , they had 3 big blokes and we just had Hector and Jones which meant that Edun come up against an impossible task , and this resulted in the opening goal .. but a great goal from May got us back into the game . Second half completely different story totally dominated the game , somehow the useless ref failed to see the very pen on C Campbell .. but could not not give the foul in CBT ( the way he played thank god he went down cause he would have blasted it over ) .. May drove the ball home . Second half we were excellent and showed the fight and spirit of Pearce. The points we deserved 

    12 mins of added time turned into 15 mins as the ref was determined to give Fleetwood as much chance to score a second as he could but second they were not in it and very poor 

    MOM C Campbell had a very good game , Jones was a monster at the back ..

    Special mention to the crowd not easy to get there with train strikes , road closures and last weekend of the kids school holiday , but fantastic turn out and great support for the boys and Jason Pearce 
    Quite right Ronnie.
  • A much needed 3 points but fuck me that first half was a hard watch.
    Can only hope that when Camara, Frasier and the new guys are ready then things will improve. 
    Anyway onwards and upwards 
    Where is Camara and how long is his slight foot injury going to last?
  • Exeter, Stevenage and Port Vale in the top 4. 
  • Phew

    The sun shines again at The Valley
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