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RIP Shane MacGowan

The Pogues frontman has passed away aged 65. He lived the life! RIP Shane.  


  • Just kidding. RIP to a proper character 
  • Bloody hell. RIP 
  • RIP

    Amazed he reached the age of 65 given the life he lived.
  • There was about 130 years lived in that 65 year old body! 

    The Pogues' version of 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda' is a big favourite of mine, along with some of their other stuff.

    RIP Shane 
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    My favourite song of his 

    Gabrielle- The Nips
  • Saw The Pogues a few times and they were always great.
    RIP Shane.
  • RIP Shane, You were an absolute legend. 
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  • Very sorry to hear this. He was a truly great songwriter.

    My reaction has been very similar to when Lemmy passed on, which was about 8 years ago now. Firstly very sorry to lose someone so talented, followed almost immediately by "how on earth did he last this long??".


    A little remembered punk classic - lyrics sum up his attitude.

  • RIP Shane. 

    My fav xmas song, also love 'Dirty Old Town! 
  • Having seen photos of him recently, I knew it won’t have been long. Seen him a good few times and was always a mad night. He was a great song writer.

    RIP Shane.
  • Raise a glass to you boy.
    By God I've had some nights listening to you.
    You did it your way 🥃
  • Not really my scene but can't deny A Fairy Tale in New York is a great xmas song.

  • For all that his was a life marked by self-destruction he was tremendously talented, much of his music features on the soundtrack of my life.

    RIP Shane.
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    RIP Shane. He was only discharged from hospital recently because he had apparently improved.

    I last saw The Pogues 10 years ago & even then they wheeled Shane on and off the stage a few times. 
    (Brixton Academy 20/12/13
  • Amazed he made it to 65. RIP. 
  • I had forgotten that he came to see a band I was managing at Dingwalls once. Wish I had had the courage to go and chat with him.   
  • RIP. Genius 
  • I saw he had been discharged from hospital on the back of an improvement, coupled with a photo in which he looked awful, and I worried then he was on his way. RIP Shane - some memorable music and a life the stuff of legend.
  • Seeing Shane sing Disney songs at Meltdown quite a few years ago was one of my weirdest life experiences 

  •  He liked a drink. RIP.
  • Sad day. What a great character he was. Used to know him back in the day. He went to Westminster school, which might surprise some people. 
  • He certainly lived!

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