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Bradley Wright Phillps or Gary Madine or Jordan Rhodes

If you could only have one would you stick with Bradley Wright Phillps or would you choose to have one of the other too?

I would have Jordan Rhodes






  • I'd stick with BWP.  He's happy here and doing very well.  The others are obviously good players, but there's always a danger that they might not fit in or like it with us. Particularly with those northern types; how many times have we seen otherwise decent players not make it down at Charlton because they can't handle the warm weather?
  • When you see bwp week in week out season after season put the ball in the back of the net. What makes you choose a player you never watch

    Easy choice. BWP
  • BWP has decent experience at a higher level also.
  • When you see bwp week in week out season after season put the ball in the back of the net. What makes you choose a player you never watch

    Easy choice. BWP

    Always watch rhodes, i admire him as a player, he is what a call a complete forward. Confident in the air, scores goals, can you both feet, great first touch and most importantly a great work rate.

    I Think all 3 are far too good for this league...


  • I'd stick with BWP. Tried and tested.  

  • Is this an alternative Would Ya ???

    All at once !!!  .... ahem ..... I mean happy with BWP
  • it will be interesting to see what the other teams in the league think?
  • Jordan Rhodes.
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  • I think there's a good chance that someone could offer silly money for Rhodes in January, so I think he'll be gone for the second half of the season.

    As BWP has an injury record even if he bangs in another 5 - 10 goals by January I don't think other team will want to take the risk
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  • I do wonder if Rhodes may turn out to be another James Beattie. Goes through spells where he cannot stop scoring and wracks up huge amounts of goals followed by periods where he can't find the back of the net with a map, compass and frikkin' satnav. Problem with Beattie was that those barren spells could last for up to a year.

    For me it's too early to tell with Rhodes.
  • 5 for BWP

    2 for Rhodes

    0 for Madine

  • BWP any day.
  • BWP any day.

    i concur
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    Wouldn't swap BWP for anyone in this league.
  • Wright Phillips has a more famous dad, so I'm sticking with him
  • Very happy with how BWP fits into our current team and style.  I'll stick with him
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it !
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  • BWP


    Rhodes will be gone as soon as someone offers decent money and I want a striker we can rely on for the next few yrs not just 1 or even half a season. Also can't remember him setting the world alight at Ipswich - although possibly more to do with keano being an awful judge of player than

  • People complain Rhodes doesn't do enough for the team. Bradley has worked his arse off this season so I'd stick with him. Madine is liable to get sent off/punch someone in the street. He's a mentalist.
  • Kermorgant!

    BWP is older and shorter.  The other two both seem very good players at this level but BWP has played and scored in the Prem and the Championship. Neither of the other two have done that consistently as yet.

    At the moment I think BWP suits the way we play better than Madine would.  Rhodes has something about him and his age, his caps and his goals make him a much more attractive option for a championship or even premiership team to buy, especially as BWP has already missed out on a move to Reading because of bad knees.
  • How can you go against BWP classy finisher been doing it for a while now


    madine nutter

    Rhodes lets have a look in a couple of years time


  • BWP, but possibly with someone else’s knees (I know I’m a pessimist but I’m really worried he’ll knacker them at some point this season).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Not sure how anyone could say they’d take anyone different based on the 45 second clips you get on the Football League show on BBC over seeing BWP deliver the goods week in week out home and away.

  • If I had to choose I would say Rhodes but believe me I am more than happy with BWP
  • Wright Phillips has a more famous dad, so I'm sticking with him
    Definitely. Never really liked Gary Rhodes anyway.

    BWP any day of the week.
  • I have seen BWP week in week out, not the other two, so can only really say BWP, very happy with him.
  • You would have to be a real mug to swap the best player in the league for another - even if they are decent - wouldn't you? BWP every day - wouldn't even require a single thought.
  • Interesting that no one has said Madine, the current top scorer.  Incidentally, has anyone seen his sending off against Carlisle?  What a maniac!  I can't believe he goes and shouts in the ref's face about it.  Hopefully he'll get a nice suspension to help us out...
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