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Who is this....

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Cory Gibbs bloke playing for the reserves tonight, never heard of the fella, must be a blinding youth prospect :)


  • No mate he's not youth . He's an american internation defender who joined us after the 2005/06 season but has had a dreadful run of injuries mainly with his knee and he went under the knife so missed all the 2006/07 season . He can play left back or centre half and has squad number 17 , we got him on a free . He's about 6 foot 3 and 12st 11lbs and has 19 caps for the states
  • has someon nicked your log in shag?
  • I tell you what, if this team:

    Charlton: Elliot, Moutaouakil, Thatcher, Gibbs, Sodje, J Thomas, Semedo, Racon, Sam, Smith, Iwelumo. Subs (from): Lee, Monteiro, Sinfield, Smalley, Lozano-Calderon, Perkins.

    Does not win tonight we have some seriouos problems with our "strength in depth" as i consider that to be an ok Championship side.
  • bar the subs i would pay to watch the starting 11 in a league match they better bloody win that should teach the saints to not move a fixture cos the majority of the resies are playing in the yoof cup the next night
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]has someon nicked your log in shag?

    What do you mean Curb_it ? I always post informative text about the club , its players and its supporters when I can , and when I believe it benefits others .
  • Well i know its your style of writing due to the gap you leave before typing a comma or questions mark but still dont sound like you.
  • he might be sober. ;-)
  • I've changed
  • Will Cory prove the calming defensive influence to guide us to automatic promotion?

    Cometh the hour cometh the man:-)
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  • [quote][cite] Cometh the hour cometh the man:-)[/quote]

    Cometh the hour I expect him to be back in the treatment room!
  • right odds on how long cory will last

    0-15 evens

    15-30 2-1

    30- 45 5-1

    45-60 7-1


    75 90-no fecking chance
  • I'll have a have a tenner on him getting injured pulling his socks up getting changed before the game
  • i will give you 12-1

    all proceeds to the bishops dirty finger fund eh mcs
  • that's our side when we fail to gain promotion next season.

    gibbs first team appearance before the end of the season?
  • I just hope this time he has a bit of luck.

    We have had too many good players lost to injury/illness Rufus,Mendonca,Hunt and Matty Holmes come to mind.

    It must be absolutely miserable as a professional to have had the sequence of injuries he has had. Its not been one recurring injury where we might call into question the logic of signing a player in the first place.

    So I do not want to start a ruck but given there is a chance that Cory might be reading some of this I wish him all the best and hope he now has the opportunity to prove his ability in an injury free spell.
  • yep especially as his contract is up at the end of the season i believe. i for one was intrested in seeing what the lad can do
  • he get's the winner in the play off final at wembley in the 90th minute let's hope it's not an own goal!!
  • [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]he get's the winner in the play off final at wembley in the 90th minute let's hope it's not an own goal!!

    I think he could do a Rufus. One of my favourite footy moments.
  • Looked useful at Welling ;-)
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  • Yes good luck Corey mate. Who knows, we may even have to get the old Eddie Youdes song out and dust it off. :)
  • [cite]Posted By: Tel-in-Oz[/cite]Looked useful at Welling ;-)
    So did Dickson
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