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LIVE: Yoof v Black Cats

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Scores and updates to follow. Charlton unchanged from the last round.

C'mon you Reds


  • 0-0. Charlton shading possession. No real chances. 15 mins gone.
  • C'mon the youngsters!
    Must be tight - we're normally 2 or 3 up by now...
  • 1st real chance falls to S'land. Headed over from a free kick
  • Chance for Danny U. Well over. 35 mins
  • 0-0 at half time. Both teams had chances towards the end of the half. Pretty even.
  • 1st chance of 2nd half to Charlton. Ball across face of goal should've been put away
  • Sunderland attempt off the line.

    1-0 to sunderland. Impressive finish.

    Lot of sunderland fans here
  • Wagstaff hits the post. Shoulda scored.
  • 1-1 Youseff
  • Godfrey hits the post. Unlucky
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  • Attendance 1840
  • Great updates VM. Keep 'em coming :)
  • Danny U misses great chance after good cross by Harkin
  • 3 Mins added time. ET looming
  • Spoke 2 soon. 2-1 Sunderrland
  • Thanks the Blackberry batteries for the pens just in case!
  • so r we out then?
  • [cite]Posted By: matt896[/cite]so r we out then?

    Yep, I think so, a good run and it sounds as if we had our chances, but didn't take them.

    Never mind, the important thing is that we have a good crop of kids coming through, although I dare say one or two will end up at Ebbsfleet, we are their feeder club after all.
  • Rolled up 35 mins late and didn't have the benefit of a teamsheet, so my observations will be even more useless than usual, but it was a tense match until Sunderland scored, then once it was 1-1 it all froze up again, and we paid for it when we let the ball loop over our keeper at the end. They were more brutal, we were more creative but fluffed our chances. The noisy Sunderland contingent to the south end of the stand definitely lifted their team, while our lads looked knackered at the end.
  • Shame. Well done for getting this far.
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  • If ever OohAah needs a further example of why we will never match away support of those outside London then tonight was it.

    There around 600-700 Sunderland fans there.

    Great example some of them were as well, singing songs at a youth game about Shearer having AIDS etc
  • Disappointing but good effort by the lads.
  • Very different game to the previous two this one. Sunderland were very well organised, played neat football but gave our lads no time or space to play.

    Very even game that could of gone either way second half. We hit the post twice, and Uchechi had a great opportunity near full time to wrap it up but made no connection with a free header. Interestingly a couple of the ones that stood out in the last couple of rounds, were not so dominent tonight, while a couple of others who were quieter in those games stood out a bit more. Right back Solly had a very solid game, while Uchechi up front showed a good touch and impressive workrate.

    All in all it was a bit of a reality check for the lads. Some of them have real potential, and this was a useful reminder that things won't come easy and that they have to keep progressing at whatever level they are at.
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    Solly was outstanding and was the reason why we equalised take nothing away from the finish from yuseff but Solly was quality well done lads all of you.
    speaks volumes about how good Shelvey is, when he was not at his best tonight by his own high standards the team just didnt tick along as well.

    shame about the mistake for the last goal by the centre half but atleast by his reaction he would just deal with it next time better getting mistakes out like that at this level other wise they might defend like our lot did saturday for ever
  • good to see alot of the first team squad there as well.
  • I've not long been back from the game. It had both good and quiet spells. Some losses of concentration but they're only little 'uns. It was a good game to watch, disappointing result particularly after nearly going 2-1 just a minute or two after equalising. I thought Solly played really well, Shelvey was a bit hit and miss (quite a few wayward headers) and Waggy didn't see enough of the ball.

    Good effort lads. Let's look forward to next year and, if we keep the most promising youngsters, future years to come.
  • Really enjoyed tonight if not the result. Some of the challenges from Solly were monumental. Reminded me of (dont shoot me) a young Gary Neville.

    And as Afka said well done to the Sunderland fans for putting in a show.
  • should have seen nth london jnr when we scored we had some maccems behinhd us who were quite vocal andhe spun around and started who are ya who are ya dont know where he gets it from must be his mother
  • Yes, a good effort from the lads against a solid looking Sunderland side who were never let us reach the heights of the previous games. solly had agreat game,and I thought Yusaff looked useful as well as taking his goal well. Never mind ,it was an enjoyable night .Unlucky lads.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]If ever OohAah needs a further example of why we will never match away support of those outside London then tonight was it.

    There around 600-700 Sunderland fans there.

    i agree there is london based support but sunderland/newcastle will always sell out a london game when we wont , i can't get my head round that and why did hull have nearly 2k at west brom this w/e it wasn't a new ground and the nightlife is hardly blackpools !!
    sunderlands first goalscorer (waghorn) made his debut against man utd on boxing day this season , i thought he looked strong as an ox for one so young...
    charlton's goal was a great strike but jonjo was off the pace it was his 16th birthday yesterday so plenty of time yet
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