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Children's TV Programmes

Saw this being mentioned in the Minions thread, and thought I'd start a discussion...
What current children's programmes that your kids watch do you love/despise?

My 3yo daughter LOVES Sarah & Duck on CBeebies. I have to say, I like it as well, it's so unbelievably pleasant - everything is always so nice.
Can't stand Peppa Pig and thankfully she doesn't ask for it.

Anyone else? What do you pretend isn't on? Or are there programmes you secretly enjoy as well?


  • The one with the ugly Scottish kid who owns the toy spider thing

    What is the point
  • My little girl loves Ben & Hollys Little Kingdom and Peppa Pig. Some of it makes me laugh as well.
  • Curious George and Sophia the first on Disney junior, Tom & Jerry but her favourite it SpongeBob SquarePants. She also loves the new clangers.
  • Dad weekends are all about Thomas the Tank Engine

    That Justin/Mr Tumble dude just gives me the serious heebie-jeebies
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    My 4 and 5 year olds are just growing out of Peppa Pig. At the moment Topsy and Tim and Andy's Dinosaur Adventures are their favourites.
  • Charlie & Lola is my favourite & Let's Play are enjoyed by me & my lil Addick (sod what his Spud Dad says, he will support Charlton).

    Arrrrrgggh at Justin's House, drives me nuts. Justin's domination of CBeebies amuses me but that one just makes me grab the remote.

    I always chuckle when Mr Bloom comes on. There are apparently quite a few mums that see him as a sex symbol & they had to pull him answering live questions in a forum when it became a bit much on the innuendo front.
  • One year old loves peppa pig clothes and shoes but only likes the music then goes back to her toys. She loves milkshake monkey though. Ben and Hollies little kingdom is fantastic, definitely my guilty pleasure!
  • Phineas & Ferb and Gravity Falls, both on Disney XD
  • My younger daughter likes Peppa Pig (I've already slated it) but also likes sponge bob, which makes me laugh from time to time as well. The nine year old is now moving onto Disney channel teenie stuff (Step it up, Jessie, Austin and Ally) which I can't stand, but if she was on a Disney fórum, I'm sure she'd say the same about her Dad always rabbiting on about Charlton.
    Do you lot get Dora the Explorer over there in the UK? Scores highly with me for irritating TV, but both my daughters like it.
  • Haven't got kids, but that doesn't stop me watching Bear Behaving Badly which was a great show (total of 78 episodes which are still being shown).
    The episodes which are movie/TV spoofs are very well crafted.
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  • Two year old love Blaze on Cartoonito.
    Four year old loves Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles.
  • 6 year old daughter loves My Little Pony. It's a bit like South Park for kids!
  • Sam & Cat, Victorious and most other unfunny, canned laughter Disney channel crap, she's 9!
  • Put on Lazytown a few weeks ago... my sole reaction was to think... WTF is this shit

    So glad that I've got the Tom and Jerry box set on DVD so when I have kids, they can relive the proper cartoons from when I was a child
  • Genuinely feel I could go on Mastermind on this subject.

    Team Umizoomi is the current favourite
  • Umizoomi

    Thomas the tank engine

    Sponge bob

    Monster high

  • The Clangers are back!!! Trying to get mine into it at the mo.
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    High class call girls.

    Bella and the bull dogs

    Max and shred

    Sam and cat


    To name but a few

    (In no particular order)
  • Ben & Hollys Little Kingdom is actually really funny.
  • Adventure is actually mental, I have no idea what it's supposed to be about.
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  • Ben and holly is very good
  • Umf is the programme when my little girl is upset that we watch and she goes to kip
  • My 4 year old loves Octonauts. He knows more about marine life, than I do.

    Also likes Henry Hugglemonster, Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Myles from tomorrow on Disney Junior.

    He is starting to get in to Spiderman, Hulk etc... because his friends with older brothers don't talk about anything else. The jump from innocence to violence at such a young age is quite frightening
  • The jump from innocence to violence at such a young age is quite frightening

    Very True.
    From the gentle and funny Ben & Holly, Curious George etc to fighting, guns and violence in what seems to be a matter of days.

  • Been through them all, Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, Team Umizoomi etc.....they are more now into Despicable Me (great film), Minions etc

    They don't really like the programme but I love the theme tune to Charlie and Lola
  • Adventure is actually mental, I have no idea what it's supposed to be about.

    I love adventure time and regular show.
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    The other one that my two like is Captain Swashbuckle. I dont think kids are never going to get tired of seeing grown ups tipped into gunk.
  • Phineas and Ferb is another great cartoon, I always encourage them to watch that one if I have to have the TV on their programmes!
  • We cast Cosmic Yoga episodes onto the TV from YouTube. My daughter loves them and it helps her calm down just before bed.
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