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Any body else at work.....

edited December 2006 in General Charlton
..... and sitting here with NOTHING..... literally nothing to do?????????


  • Yep...with a stinking hangover, but £80 up from pool last night!! so it's not all bad.
  • 80 quid up...... thats nice work..... how many did you win for that , or was it the old double or nothing scenario????
  • sitting here catching up on the charlton goss.

    Nice one Hillsy
  • 9 of us playing. 1st game was a £1 each and I won that pot = £9 win, 2nd game was for £2, lost. Long story short the last game was for £10 each. I won that, happy days!!
  • Cheers Dave. Any chance you are having your pool table up when I'm over NYE? I'm feeling lucky!!
  • Yep - sitting here doing bugger all for the second day running!
  • No Pool table, but we can get the cards out ! You know i'd win it all off of ya, remember the Boro train !!
  • Cards is a bit anti social for NYE. Especially when your the "hostess" i'll be expecting Peroni with lime put into my right hand all night.......SNAP!!
  • Also sitting on my arse doing bugger all
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  • Sat here at work, doing sweet FA.... can't see that changing all day.....
  • started before 8, and probably here till 7.

    merry christmas.....
  • 8-7 AFKA!! You are value for money
  • Yep.

    Bored, bored, bored.

    Still, I can always re-read Les Reeds comments from the Fulham programme :)
  • Im playing snooker on miniclip........ Im not much cop.........
  • 8-7 blimey.

    Im here till 2ish I think, loads of work to do though.
  • Yep - I'm at work too, with a couple of others. Need to get some work done which Ive been promising to do for ages, so might be a late finish. That is unless I can come up with another great yarn!
  • yep, here till lunch then off to get my hair done!
  • Yep - I'm in work - What the hell for I don't know (Not that much work but they like to see that there is PA cover for the big wigs! That incidentally are all on holiday!) - we normally have about 200 on our floor and there is only about 20 in today! I hate quiet!

  • M - give us a wave love.... can just about see a corner of your building from my desk...!
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  • **Waving** - Hope you and H had a lovely Christmas!

    PS - I was off last week so didn't see the second installment of the Panto! Was AFKA nice to me???
  • I didn't see it either...............did he bottle it?????
  • Most likely - You know AFKA a few threats from us girls and he runs for cover! ;-)
  • Likewise M. What floor you on anyway?

    Not sure the panto 2nd part every got aired. I hear a couple of death threats headed in AFKA's direction....
  • yeah at work, and it's that quite, that we can hear Big Ben at Midday
  • I'm on 6th Floor facing the Tower.

    I'm sure when AFKA comes out from wherever he's hiding we'll get the excuses.

  • I'm only 23 floors above you then...

    I could say something about you preferring to be on top, but I won't....
  • Oi!!! Cheeky Git!

    If i'm not mistaken I'm sure I need a man for that - and that's one thing I don't have at the moment!!

    Well good news - We have just been authorised to leave on half day. So my company are nice people! Well sometimes!

  • Mine are completely the opposite. Apparently they're going to review the staffing levels at 3pm. Fat lot of good that is, seeing that I'm due to finish at 4 anyway.....
  • Well have a great New Year and see you soon!

    I'm off home.

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