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Secret Agent Curbishley

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The plan is working. We've cleverly moved Curbs and the management team into Upton Park along with Brownie, Konch & Co. We've now got Pards - our real target. The plan will really come to fruition when Curbs dismantles the 'Ammers and sells us back Bowyer, Konch and Ashton at knock-down prices. Secret Agent Curbishley masterminded this plan with Murray last Spring before he left.


  • All good, except they can keep Konch!
  • "All good, except they can keep Konch! "

    Konch or Traore - tough call!!!

    We should never have let Konkers go IMHO - for me he really should be playing the Kish role.
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    Mate, that's a good shout.

    Was it against Spurs a couple of years ago, when Konch played the holding role. Superb.
    Great positioning. Good ball-winning. Good distribution. MOM.

    Quick. Tell Pards.......
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    The problem is, that's why he left, because Curbs wanted to play him in midfield, and he's convinced he's a left back.
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    Well, he's got no hope at the Hamsters,
    Poor old Konch, he's always had more footballing ability than brain.
    Not quite the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Still a good player, tho'.
  • Do you know, the big thing for me (and we do seem to be Konkers fans here) was that even though he handed in a transfer request, obviously wanted a change etc - it NEVER showed when he played. He expressed his preferences and his career objectives, but did his duty when asked.

    The only time I have boooed at the Valley was booing the Konch booers!!!

    (While we're on the subject, I thought that it was a bit below the belt booing Jensen last Wednesday after the service he has given the club)
  • Love to see Jensen return - absolute quality!
  • Reading currently 3-0 up against West Ham.

  • all i can say is LOL!!!!

    couldnt be a better start for the new year if you ask me..
  • 4-0!

    CURBS OUT! ;-)
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  • well speaking on behalf of all Charton Lifer's if a may, i would like to wish Curbs and his new team all the luck that thay may need....................

    beginning June 2007.

    Lol Alan and a Happy New year to all the squad. NOT.
  • 4-0, and it's not even half time yet...!!
  • the live table looks healthier at the moment.
  • And from the Beeb's live update site:
    1541: Hammers owner Eggert Magnusson yawns. What's he thinking? Why did I stay up so late? Why did I buy this club? Is it time to get a new manager?
  • West Ham taking off Harewood and bringing on Spector.

    Yup, he's defending a 4-0 deficit by going 4-5-1.

    Ho ho ho.
  • Make it 6....!!! With 8 or 9 mins left....

    6-0. Happy New Year Curbs!!
  • As some will tell you, the one thing Curbs knows how to do is organise and make a team hard to beat....
  • I would imagine it will illicit a response similar to our 5-0 debacle vs the Spammers or may be not...
  • And now we no longer have the worst goal difference in the division :-)

    At least until tomorrow night.
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  • The plan is working.
  • Things seem to be changing quickly all over the place at the moment. Only a few weeks ago, when they beat United, and we didn't look like we could even beat an egg....
    And we start getting a bit more hopeful and then you hear Bent is out for a while.
    Wonder what we'll be thinking at the end of January?
    Let's hope we still have the same manager! :)
  • What we do know is the bottom 3 will definately be out of the current bottom six:

    Watford 12
    Charlton 16
    Wham 18
    Wigan 22
    Sheff U 23
    Boro 24

    Newcastle and Villa have too much quality, while Fulham are on 27 already.

    I still think we should forget about West Ham, its how many more points Wigan and Sheff U collect till the end of the season that will govern our destiny. 7 behind Sheff U now seems a lot, but its so easy in this league for a side to go 4-5 games without a point. We just have to make sure we win all our 'six pointer' game, and pick off the odd shock result like Sheff U did yesterday.
  • Curbs must stay!

    1st time Ive said that for about 2/3 years!

    According to one of the Hamsters on Talks**te Konchesky was playing up front in the 2nd half.

    I bet CCole, Konch, Spector and Newts were over the moon when Curbs joined.
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