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So in one sentence how is everyone feeling about tomorrow?

It’s a free hit at the playoffs and one which I fear we will fall just short of. 


  • Expectation is very low, almost zero, I don't see Pompey and Oxford both failing to win. Just hope we can put in a good performance and win to end on a high, at least then it's out of our hands.
  • Resigned to another year in league one but still have a miniscule speck of hope in my foolish heart.
  • Not a chance 
  • Felt more nervous before the Lincoln game. Have zero expectations tomorrow 
  • Feel nothing like most of the games this season, bring back crowds asap 
  • Relaxed

    If with 30 minutes to go we are winning 1-0 while both Pompey and Oxford are drawing, that's when it'll get tense, as we'll have something to lose if ONE goal goes in (as with Rotherham today)
  • We rarely get the breaks when we need them and not expecting that to change tomorrow. 
  • Not feeling anything really. But I know it will change come kick off and the first goal that impacts us in some way goes in. 

    Won't feel too despondent at all if we don't make it, but will be thrilled if we somehow do. 
  • Zero expectation, as others have said Pompey and Oxford won’t both slip up and I suspect Hull will beat us anyway.
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  • Zero expectation but in twelve hours I'm going to be shitting it
  • Incredibly nervous but also really excited.

    That's about the first date I'm going on. The football? Ehh
  • Cautiously optimistic
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    Resigned to another season in League 1! 
  • I’m feeling pretty good about tomorrow.
  • Chilled. It’s not happening 
  • Over confident (just kidding).
  • We'll be full of nerves. Hull will play freely. We won't be beating Hull.
  • Excited but wondering why on earth that's the case as deep down I KNOW it'll end in tears. :
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  • To be honest with you i was more excised to look forward to watching sheff weds and Derby and didn't give to hoots about tomorrow as we are not going to make the play offs and even if we do we will fall short plus I'm already looking forward to next season in League 1 at the Valley again watching a new team with a half decent Manager with a proven track record with a brilliant owner. The future is bright, the future is red and white. 
  • Excited but wondering why on earth that's the case as deep down I KNOW it'll end in tears. :
  • expecting a proper promotion push next year - anything that happens tomorrow is a bonus but expecting nothing and very relaxed about it 
  • Annoyingly, there'll be a period where, due to scorelines, we get a huge wave of hope, only to have it quashed again in the last ten minutes.
  • Its always the hope that kills you 
  • Whatever is going to happen will happen. There is no downside as I see it, only a bonus upside if that is the outcome when all 3 games have finished. A bit like 2 years ago when from a makeweight position in the playoffs before the start of the final game we ended up 3rd at the final whistle and calling the shots through to keeping the red shirts at Wembley.
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  • Meh, what will be will be
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    We win comfortably 3 nil against Hull, only for Portsmouth to snatch a late winner at 90+5....
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