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The 'how much do you gamble ??' thread

Does what is says in the title.

How often do you put on a bet ?

Multiple times a day ? Once a day ? Once a week ? Once in a blue moon ?

Is your tipple of choice horses, dogs, football, cricket, absolutely anything ?

Have it completely under control or bit of an addiction ?

i need to know !


  • i need to know !

    Why, do you have money on it?
  • Rarely.

    Grand National. Maybe £10 in total

    A lottery ticket (£2 of lucky tips) once a month or so.

    Maybe a £2/4 at football.

    The odd raffle ticket if at a fundraiser.

    Having seem to have spent every Saturday waiting outside the "Turf Accountants" while my dad had a bet and despite him having been a bookies runner I just never got the bug.
  • don't think i have in the last 5 years......
  • only online poker.

    But then that's not gambling with me, it's charity :)
  • Used to pump ridiculous amounts into fruit machines but completely cut that out now.

    Play a bit of online poker but prefer the face to face stuff and play round mate's for pot's around £200-£300.

    Will stumble into casino's now and again to throw money down on the blackjack tables as well.

    Don't have an online betting account and only ever go into the bookies to bet on the National.
  • £10 every home game with Ladbrokes - tend to lose 9 times out of 10

    Occasionally play around on Paddypower and Betfair but very rarely now

    My only vice is fruit machines. Not so much nowadays but I used to be a real fiend. I did wang £40 into one yesterday but thats the first time in a while I've been on one. That £40 lasted me 15 mins and I lost the lot
  • £2.50 a week £1.50 euro millions and £1 accumulator
  • I laid out a tenner on the National and at lunchtime £40 on the Masters. Otherwise, maybe once a fortnight on the football but have kind of given up with that because the Championship is impossible to predict and the Premiership offers no value at all!
  • National Lottery, Grand National (bookies and sweepstake at work) and a bet before our home games. The last one is daughter driven though!
  • 50 pence, tops, so big money when i bet.

    My biggest ever bet, a one off, was a fiver, i countered that bet for another fiver so in the end i took the fiver off one mate and gave it straight to another!! Cant recall what it was about but it was a season long bet! I never lost a bean!!
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  • Usually do between £10-20 at the weekend on the football. Only ever bet on the National otherwise.
  • A weekly footie accumulator, useless at it.
  • Few times a week and on most things that move. Normally greyhounds, horses, rugby and footy at the weekends. Never bet more than i can afford to lose!
  • Lottery ticket when in the UK, bingo lottery at a local pub, thats it.
  • lottery every week - well you gotta dream

    Fotty accumilator every wknd sometimes two - only ever £1-£2
  • sometimes some online poker
    footy singles on a few games a week (laid liverpool to beat chelsea at 2.28 on betfair tonight) and backed rangers to beat some scottish chufff at 1 to 2 this morning
    backed man utd to beat porto last night ;-(
    bought charlton points at 65.5 (spread bet) after we beat reading so getting burnt there but lumped on us to go down after coventry at home... a few quid here and there but always what i can afford... it's my addiction, can't handle drink, failed with women, drugs don't work (for me)
  • Every time Jonjo plays £10 1st goal scorer £5 2-1 win and £5 1st scorer and 2-1 Total £20 and i'm up at the moment
  • Never bet, i was born above a betting shop and was told at an early age by my mum that it's a mugs game.

    I've NEVER even bought a lottery ticket.
  • Only time is when I'm in hospitality at football. Put a £1 on CJ to be first scorer and won £16 one time.

    Last time was Reading away, when I put a tenner on us to win at 6-1. We weren't far off...
  • edited April 2009
    Rarely, and only when I'm 100% certain. The last was when Pardew went, I bet £100 on a certain Mr Parkinson getting the job. :):(
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  • do a small bet on any live tv game i watch.
    been doing a fiver every weekend since november on 3 draws. got it 4 times, paying over £160 each time.
    do another fiver on an accumulator.
    do a trixie on my c/life predictions.
    lay out about £50-£100 per year on season (long term bets)(done £30 on us to go down in august.)
    look for value bets in live matches, have had success with bluesquare player special market particularly players to win pens. though the odds have shrunk significantly now.
    been doing a small lucky 15 on first goal method for live games.

    doesn't seem it, but now i've typed it out it's quite a lot.
  • Got a PaddyPower account, bet about 2 -3 times a month, have taken out about £500 in the last year. Down to about £60 in the account, will bet on football, horses, golf and dogs. Normally a fiver or a tenner, biggest bet was when I was at the dogs in Dublin and had a €50 bet on a dog that came last. :-(.
  • £10 into the pot for a poker night once a week or so.

    The odd football coupon if I feel like it, nothing much more
  • The only thing that I participate in that could remotely be considered to be gambling is an ice hockey pool and a college basketball pool each year. I don't even consider these to be gambling, as they both require a $10 fee, and I pay that with no expectation or hope of recovery to cover the cost of staying in touch with friends that I might not otherwise be good enough to follow up with.

    I understand the "different horses for different courses" point of view, but from mine, I have serious and fundamental objections to gambling, and in particular, government administered (and profiteering from) gambling.

    Not judging anyone, just one of those lines in the sand that we all draw in different places...
  • i have a bet on most major sporting events.betfair mostly.done well on 6 nations backed home sides except scotland and italy and backed ireland all the way.short odds but it looked like free money.
    i try not to bet on charlton if i can help it and I bet on andy murray until the finals.
    given up on the dogs,i don't think i have ever got a winner at crayford.
    got a few bets on augusta and have layed woods and backed leonard and casey for my own value.
    play a bit of online poker but don't load my own money anymore,just play free tourneys that have a payout and build from there and play a small live game amongst friends.
  • Used to have few of us at work who chucked in a tenner a month and then we'd use it a stake money for anything we fancied that month. Used to do plenty of antepost on the Premiership (thank you again Darren Bent!) but didn't have to be football might be cricket, horses, motor racing, golf, snooker, whatever. Didn't really cost much as we did alright so got 'free' months. Just did it for a bit of interest when you might not have any in that sport. Good fun.

    These days, I've been credit crunched, so never. Not even a lottery ticket at the moment :-(
  • Have an online Coral account. Started in November with £50 and have about £20 left.

    Tend to bet on live tv games that I dont really have that much interest in to give it an edge. Normally £1 a game. And go for silly things like corners and bookings etc.

    Bet on the National at less than £10 for the whole family.

    Did the Paddypower/Shirt bet mainly because I wanted a shirt and a bet and couldnt make up my mind and that covered both. Thank god I wanted the shirt.

    Do the Lottery every Sat and Wed for a £1 but consider that as charitable giving with an upside. So I guess Lottery and bets combined its about £4-£5 per week.
  • Bet nearly every day, on anything, but mainly on football and tennis, totally addicted, moderately successful :-)
  • I spend £5.00 a week on the UK lottery which gives the syndicate I am in - 44 lines on a Wednesday and 44 lines on a Saturday and £5.00 a week on the Euro Millions Lottery which gives the syndicate I am in - 36 lines on a Friday.
    I don't gamble on anything else.
  • I don't bet at all because........My old man loved the dogs and the gee-gees. Once he decided I was old enough to get home on my own he would give me the (trolley) bus fare home and then disappear down to Charlton dog track. When I got home my mum would ask me where he was: I was too young to actually know what he was up to and said I didn't know but I reckon she knew anyway. During the week he was a frequent visitor to either Catford or Charlton dog tracks and we didn't see much of him but always knew when he'd had a winning night as we (mum, my brother and I) always got presents. I've still got a diary of his that shows the names of the dogs together with their times and odds for six months at Charlton. When we moved to the wilds of Kent in '56 it curtailed the dogs but he opened a telephone account with Guntrips, a 'Turf Accountant' based, I think, in Catford, and the betting continued from the comfort of his armchair. How much he lost I'll never know but their were some triumphs, Mill House, Mandarin, Persian War, were three of his favourite horses but he got into ante-post betting and would sweat for weeks as to whether the horse would actually run or not! I vividly remember him walking round the back garden smoking fag after fag when Mill House was once invoved in a photo-finish. In those days the decision took ages but this time he was on a winner and we were all carted off to 'the pictures' that night. Also every year he and some chums would head off to the White City for the Greyhound Derby meeting where he would lose a lot of money and drive home pissed as a parrot. I've always been a bit worried that if I had one bet then off we'd go..... especially as betting is so much easier now than it was in Dad's day. March Jnr. has a small bet at our home games, especially when there's an ex-addick playing against us, but that's it and i would never want to put Mrs M through what my old Mum put up with!
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