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David Haye v Wladimir Klitshko

Gelsenkirchen June 20th could see our first British heavyweight champ since big Lennox

Will go one way or the other, Haye will either stop him early on (first 7) or Klitshko will do what if I was him I would and stay behind a jab and win easily at home on the scorecards.

Me, I think Haye will do it as Wladimir is a lot slower and has gone down from punches by lesser punchers. But it will take a real world beating performance from Hayemaker to get the opening to do the damage.

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  • does he not have to beat his brother first before he gets a title shot?
  • They both have world titles, Vitali is the one who fought Lewis. If he wins I believe a rematch has been offered and if he wins that then Vitali (6ft 8inches) is next.

    That could all well be papertalk though
  • think you are right carter
  • I think the Hayemaker will beat Wladimir and then get battered by Vitali or Haye will lose the first fight due to the dodgy judges in Germany.
  • JTJT
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  • That is a body blow. I am bang up for Haye Klitschko not watching two russians tap each other for 12 rounds, nor I'm sure are all the germans who bought tickets.
  • 2nd'd - was really looking forward to this one.

    Genuinely believe when it does happen, Haye will stop him 3.
  • Can't we have Laura Angel's opinion on this matter?
  • Hopefully this will just be delayed for a few weeks, if Klitshko decides to fight one of the other 'champions' then he has bottled it.
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    now fighting Valuev , a man who is 8 stones heavier than him!

    Could be at the 02 arena , would be up for that one

    Confirmed by Haye as being on sky box office
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  • holy shit are you sure? that bloke is a bear!

    Thats the bloke who fought for 10 rounds with a broken jaw and won! gulp. Haye's got some nutsack to step in the ring with him.
  • [cite]Posted By: carlsberg[/cite]

    Rubs his eyes, Andy is that you?? How ya doing mate???
  • Thread hi jack alert!!!!

    yes its me mate. im doing good apart from being diagnosed with swine flu a few days ago and i clearly havnt got it!! got some of that tamipax stuff didnt take any.

    hows family life treating you?
  • Yo dude, blimey mate not what you need eh!!

    Yes family life rocks mate, loving every second ;-)
  • Carlsberg, He's still lousy at Noughts & Crosses tho'............
  • lol MOG

  • "Do not pass go........."
  • Amused by Hayes comments ahead of Vitali's "defense" of his title this weekend

    "I'll be watching the fight, but only because I have an interest in meeting Vitali next year," said BBC Sports Personality of the Year candidate Haye.
    "The fact that a title fight between a Ukrainian and an American is being held in Switzerland tells you all you need to know about the appeal of this fight.
    "Heavyweight title fights should be huge events, not an after-thought in a country most famous for producing Toblerones."
  • Wladimir has put the bosh on the heavyweight division now, Haye will do his big brother over 12 rounds but this would have been a more mobile exciting match.

    Pac-man v Mayweather won't happen and I doubt very much will either of the Klits (more labia in my eyes) against the most exciting Heavyweight the world has seen for a very long time.

    Couple this with Frank Warren strangling British boxing and UFC gains more ground.

    Chisora v the unified champ?? What has happened
  • i will take any money he will get ruined by vitali
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  • [cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]i will take any money he will get ruined by vitali

    I'm still on for the score if you are, Vitali looked so slow against Briggs it was painful

    Haye will stop the young one and take a decision against Vitali over 12
  • ok regarding the shitter brother fancy him as well but not as much,dont see the problem he likes to be active unlike haye using fight as warm up
  • Not so sure of that, he has been about as active or less so that Haye over the last two years. I genuinely think he is running now

    Haye and Booth are talking about fighting in July and I can't see how Wlad will fight in late April then against Haye 2 months later regardless of whether he's fighting a punchbag or not
  • think he may fight vitali now,its the bigger fight anyway nobody has beat him fairly yet
  • I'll make you right, Lewis mashed his face up but looked shagged out and did not want a re-match

    The Vitali fight is the bigger one in terms of a name but the better fight will be against Wlad, and the one I would rather watch
  • Do boxers usually retire at 31? Personally I think not fighting one of the Russia's would damage his legacy as you can't tell who is avoiding who.
  • agreed fod all very strange,who is he to call shots of the brothers,his pulled out twice because of injury to them before anyway
  • At last...still vitali pisses on both of them
  • Haye to KO Wladimir

    Wladimir has looked pretty average (although strong) against below par performers. Not his fault, you can only fight what is in the ring with you

    I have complete confidence in backing Haye to win.
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