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PDC World Darts at Alexandra Palace

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Anyone been?

Atmosphere for the Mardle/Taylor quarter final was amazing. Pity about the game after!

Looks like Painter has been installed as favourite. My monies on a Shepherd/Part final with Part to win by 3 sets, think Mardle had his final last night.


  • part will be champ
  • go on wayne.. mardle over part in the final by 2 sets
  • Went last thursday. Was superb.
  • What a firkin amazing game of darts. Mardle beaten by the 21 year old from Kent. 500/1 outsider at the start of the tournament. Brilliant.
  • ramsgate lad,must be a charlton fan!
  • Great idea to move to Ally Pally from the Chav Tavern. Atmosphere is fantastic on TV so must be better there. I must go one year. The other one starts Saturday- won't get near this one.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: nolly[/cite]ramsgate lad,must be a charlton fan![/quote]

    According to Sky, he is Man Yoo.
  • we watched this last night, great game!! not usually interested in darts, but we were watching something else and kept on flicking over and it kept on changing! watched the last few sets. he was funny in his interview.
  • absolutely brilliant sporting drama, would love to go one year...
  • never been would love to go also
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  • Done it for the last two years on Boxing Day but not this year because of the venue change, more difficult for me to get home from there rather than Circus Tavern.

    Got on TV for about 10secs last year when i purposely over exaggerated my emotions in a Andy Hamilton match - people must have thought i was his brother! They kept cutting back to me after every shot in one leg!
  • Went last night - Amazing!!!! What a night/day!! recommend it anyday

    Mardle got outplayed by the Kent lad, fantastic

    Wasnt so great when i got in at 1.45 and had to be in work at 8.30 but well, well worth it....Come on the Shep!!!
  • Must confess to being addicted to watching darts oin telly. Mardle / Shepherd best game I've seen for ages. Looking forward to seeing young Kirk take John aPART.
  • What do i know Kirk played well up the final but then Part was just to strong in the final. Known both Kirk and wayne thru playing superleague and open tourniments and agree it was a cracker of a game.
  • Who won then???
  • jockie wilson won ollie
  • LOL - Part won 7-2 - Wished I had put my money where my mouth was!!! (See starting post!)
  • Anyone going this year? Got tickets for the first lot of Quarter Finals on new year's day night.

    Was fantastic last year.
  • 8 of us going on 28th Dec for 2nd round - been last two years, and preferred Circus Tavern for atmosphere.
  • have always wanted to go just struggled getting other up for it, looks like a right Boozy do !!!
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  • Won't go to Alexandra Palace. More atmosphere on the moon.

    Went to Lakeside 4 years ago. That was a superb night (i think!). Now that the Lakeside has been expanded PDC should consider reverting back there.
  • Circus Tavern is where we went Clem, and yeah, storming night
  • Oh yeah......Lakeside is BDO.

    Man flu is making me delirious
  • You were lucky to get catch for last night!
  • I will be there on the 2nd January for 2 of the quarter finals.
  • Here we go again.

    Nawty live link
  • Who's going this year?

    Got tickets for the last 2 Quarter finals on New Year's day. Hope the weather is better then!
  • I'm going after Brentford, could get very messy.
  • What's the atmosphere like at Alexandra Palace? It's huge so i imagine you can't see a thing. Went a couple of times when it was at the Circus Tavern, atmosphere seemed better then when it was much more enclosed.
  • Awful compared to the Circus
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