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So no to the 39th Game

Don't know if this loonacy has come up on here since I've been away, but here's the campaign, could effect us in the next couple of years

Say no to the 39th


  • I think its a great idea the top four is a closed shop anyway, love to do a CAFC game in New York or Singapore or Oz. Don't really see why people have an issue with it.
  • You are joking?
  • A bit......but not completely.
  • [cite]Posted By: pickwick[/cite]love to do a CAFC game in New York or Singapore or Oz. Don't really see why people have an issue with it.

    that would be mental
  • it's the end of football in this country if this is allowed to happen.

    Pickwick you are deluded mate if you think the yanks or anywhere would want to watch Charlton Athletic. could you imagine us against Wigan being a full house in some mighty stadium somewhere in the world . As much as I love this club we are not going to be a big draw other than in China if we had ZZ in the team.

    Scudamore is a **** - he went on about getting mail bags full of request from fans to play games abroad. Yeah from foreign fans FFS you thick mug. Does he really think Pat from Salford would want this REALLY.

    Then they spoke about it being in January - 2 rounds of the FA Cup Carling Cup semi's plus league games and they want to chuck in a 14 hour flight. Can you imagine our away following just after xmas. Large and Golfie would be hysterical at how poor our away support would be
  • I'm not at all surprised that the devil wants his payback. This is the price for creating the commercial success that is the Premier League.

    The 39th game is total nonsense and I hope FIFA puts a stop to it. I suspect the plan is actually just to play one of the 38 games abroad by making the 39th suggestion totally unworkable.

    If they are hell bent on taking our clubs around the world then the obvious way would be this:-

    Allow the Prem teams to play their reserves in the League Cup (most of them do anyway). Set up a new Premier League Cup for the top 16 clubs. Play the 1st and 2nd rounds (12 matches) abroad with the semis and final at Wemberleee. The winner gets one of the four Champions League places.

    There we are sorted. Sorts out the piss taking surrounding the League cup and puts it on a proper footing, creates a meaningful partly overseas competition with a proper outcome available, and preserves the integrity of the Premier League. All they need then is to get UEFA and FIFA to sanction it - job done.
  • What bothers me the most is that there is absolutely nothing the average fan can do about this.

    And if the decision is in the hands of either the Premier League, FA or FIFA I cant think of a more corrupt group whos only interest will be in working out what maximum cut they can get from the action.

    For a lot of english people the game is already priced out of their pockets. Its pure greed and commercialism at its worst.
  • When this was brought up before on another thread (AFKA alert) I said pretty much what Ledge said. It will be the final nail in English footballs coffin.
  • OK Ledge then lets all follow us to Hong Kong with ZZ as captain.

    I think it will end up, and this debate has occurred before, is the 3 teams coming up will loose a home game and a serious financial award will be on offer for another 5 homes games.

    There are nearly always the likes of Fulham/Wigan/Palace/QPR at any one time in the Prem (historically) so getting up to 8 international fixtures would not be difficult and at the end of the day it's a compromise the printed proposals at the moment are their best and our worst case scenario and I would have thought a deal is there to be struck with the small clubs.

    It would be a no brainer for the CAFC board to say no to an international fixture..
  • [cite]Posted By: Imissthepeanutman[/cite]What bothers me the most is that there is absolutely nothing the average fan can do about this.

    For a lot of english people the game is already priced out of their pockets. Its pure greed and commercialism at its worst.

    IMTPM, I agree with what you say. In the global media age, who now constitutes the fan/customer group which commands the most financial clout? In the past it's always been the local fans who follow the team home and away. Now clubs don't care that much about away support because most of the time the fans get a handful of seats and do not bring in any revenue. As the revenues available from worldwide TV rights gets higher and higher, the local fan becomes less and less important other than to make a good back-drop for the TV pictures and liven up the players.

    The "free" season ticket deal next season is a case in point, the club is prepared to forgo the revenue because the non gate revenue is so huge.

    Scudamore openly talks of "fans" who don't go to games as getting a poor deal and the proposed arrangment will help to give them something tangible. Where will it all end?

    God it's depressing.
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  • Totaly disagree with this unless Charlton play every year in Vancouver - Then's it's a great idea.
  • [cite]Posted By: vancouveraddick[/cite]Totaly disagree with this unless Charlton play every year in Vancouver - Then's it's a great idea.

    Have no fear, VA they won't. Its far too nice a place for one thing or so my Dad tells me having spent time there when he was in the RAF during the war. I'd be in favour of the arrangements if the club extended the "free" season ticket deal to a "free" trip to Vancouver!!!
  • sounds like a plan bing - oi Henry ;o).

    Actually every summer the whitecaps here generally play a british team - We've had the spanners and cardiff (strange that we had those 2 in a row). I'm hoping that we'll get Charlton here one day.
  • Would love to see us play in Australia...Im sure all the Addicks Downunder would agree....youd be surprised at how well it would be received by ex pats all over Oz and NZ. Wellington got 33,000 in when Beckham played in NZ...that opposed to very small crowds for league games. Charlton would obviously be well received in China with the ZZ connection too...its a bit of fun to be playing overseas and shouldnt be construed as anything else.
  • Tel, I think a Charlton side playing down under would be great, I just find the 39th game scenario totally flawed.
  • all my mates who still live in sydney are very excited! especially as most of them are scousers! they cant believe it will go through.
  • I think Platinni is a good man I think he would try and stop this nonsense and i hope Blatter would as well. Platinni siad it was a joke.
  • I think it is either a big ruse to distract attention from the 7 subs rule decision that went through the same day or a stalking horse to test the water. Or both

    The Premier Cup idea of Bings would suit the clubs down the the ground. Keep the existing gate money plus add another game that you can sell for fortunes. Some such variation on the idea will be pushed through but I can't see FIFA being too happy for it to become a regular event.

    Yes, it would be fun at first but how many locals would go to see Charlton v Wigan in Sydney. Sure all the CAFC fans down under and a few more but would it be enough to justify the cost of staging the game? How would they re-coup the fees they would have to pay the FAPL and the two clubs.

    And Imagine if they moved a Charlton v Palace game to Tokyo.
  • I can fully understand how fans abroad would welcome the opportunity to see their team in a local environment.

    I would also quite enjoy a trip abroad to see CAFC. I think to be honest it would be out of my pocket bearing in mind the locations touted.

    But in principle the idea is wrong and is simply being driven to increase tv revenue.

    The risks associated with air travel have been considerably reduced thankfully but in a week when we have remembered the Munich air disaster we should still know there is a risk. I would feel awful if a team or a group of fans were lost playing on the other side of the world to fill the coffers of Satellite tv shareholders. And what about all this carbon blueprint stuff. If anything Gordon Brown should be discouraging this.
  • Great that the mountain comes to Mohammed but isn't the point of going to see Man Utd at OT or Barca at the Nou Camp is that you see the teams in their home arena and take in the whole atmosphere of the place.
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  • edited February 2008
    Spot on, Bing, the Prem cup idea is the best variation - in fact the only feasible variation - on this overseas thing I've heard so far.

    As others have said, the notion of taking the Premier league overseas in some form is more or less inevitable and not wholly out of the question. It's just the 39th game thing that's so, so wrong - even the yanks realised such an idea so preposterous and sent a 'regular' gridiron game over here.

    What you say about the fan/customer group who commands the most financial clout is spot on too. The fan at the turnstile is very much down the food chain these days. Still, I'd love to see the fans stage a total boycott just for one game and how the clubs' react to it
  • Palace wont be in the
    I think any premier league game staged in Sydney would get a very big crowd.....if it were Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manc U it would sell out.....put these games down in Melbourne and you would get upwards of 60,000 as it would certainly be a novelty to see such a high standard of Football, and the Victorians are football mad (If they can draw 30,000 in for Victory home games, then you would realise just how hungry they are for football)...if the organisers were sensible, they wouldnt pick the Liverpool V Chelski, they would pick a bigger club Vs a smaller club. The sheer revenues that a game of such stature would generate would make it more than financially viable in Australia, and certainly in China with ZZ on the books. Its worth a try at the very least....look at the American football circus....a sellout oversubscribed 10 watch paint dry.
  • I just can't see the point of it.

    Why would TV revenues increase (other than by 1/39th if adding an extra game) by transplanting games halfway across the world?

    The gate revenues are such a small percentage now that it is not going to make that much difference.

    You could try and argue that by playing a game in the USA (or elsewhere) you might get more demand for TV coverage of prem games in the future. That said those who would attend these games are likely to already be watching the existing coverage already. Any increase is surely going to be small, especially as the experience of watching a game in person is very different to seeing it on the box (even more so if the ground is full of those on a corporate jolly - which will almost certainly be the case for these matches).

    It might be a novelty for a season or two but that would be it.
  • There must be a whole host of advertising opportunities. Presumably in the UK it would be an add on Satellite package to buy all the Overseas games eg Pay per view or similar. And in places like Sydney I guess it would become a regular event equivalent to say an FA Cup Final.

    I can see the attractiveness to certain parties. Just think it makes our national game a bit of a World Circus and I am not sure where it would end.
  • The problem is that so much can ride on the last game from relegation, to UEFA and CL places and even winning the Prem league itself, and therefore one team could complain that they had a tough last game against a strong competitor, while a rival benefitted from an easier match. The rows from last season between Sheff Utd and West Ham still haven't been settled, yet the Premiership seem to want to create arguments and bitterness...

    By all means have a couple of weeks off in January and put together a Premiership cup competition or something involving several prem teams that could be played in Dubai or wherever, that would get local support and be sellable in Asia.
  • Its another nail in the FA Cup if it goes ahead.

    I think it would be a good chance for footie supporters to show that they still have some teath. Boycott a game , boycott all the clubs sponsers etc. Of course SrewedThemMore wouldnt give a shit but would be nice to see.
  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]I think it is either a big ruse to distract attention from the 7 subs rule decision that went through the same day.

    Why would this new rule need to be hidden. It makes sense and brings the PL in line with Champions League. Have as many subs on the bench as you like. In major tournaments you don't name subs, you have a choice of the squad left from you starting 11.
    As long as you are not allowed to make more than 3 changes why does it matter?
    Personally I think two changes should be maximum and also I reckon if a goalie is sent off you shouldn't be allowed to bring on a specialist keeper.
  • As Henry eluded to earlier, in my view this just smacks of being one big smokescreen.

    Seemingly the clubs were not approached. Also it would seem that FIFA or UEFA have not been approached in advance. Surely if this was a real idea, it would need to be run past Europe's and the World's governing bodies before it became public knowledge?

    There is a different agenda on the way people, something that isn't as radical as playing matches around the world, but is equally just designed to pander to the top five or six clubs in the country and the whole 39th match is just a wild notion to lessen the blow when it does. A bit like the whole 'New Airport' scare the other year.

    Who knows what it will be, I don't, I just think there is someting else out there.
  • [cite]Posted By: KillersBeard[/cite]
    Who knows what it will be, I don't, I just think there is someting else out there.

    This could be a case for Mulder and Scully....
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