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The week that was - Saturday 30th August 1986. Man Utd 0 Charlton 1

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Saturday 30th August 1986. Old Trafford. Att: 37,544

Manchester United 0 (0) Charlton Athletic 1 (0) (Stuart 49)

Man Utd: Turner, Duxbury, Albiston, Whiteside (T Gibson 68), McGrath, Moran, Strachan, Blackmore, Stapleton, Davenport, Olsen.

Charlton: Johns, Humphrey, Reid, Shipley, Thompson, Shirtliff, Lee, Gritt, Pearson, Aizlewood, Stuart. Unused sub: Melrose.

Referee: A Seville (Birmingham)

Praise: United Manager Ron Atkinson said after the game "they worked harder and were the better side". Not long after he was relieved of his duties and replaced by a young upstart by the name of Alex Ferguson.


  • Remember it well - my first ever trip to Old Trafford. Felt like we'd won the Cup. Great coach journey home.
  • One of those things they can't take away from you, seeing Charlton win at Old Trafford. It was actually a pretty sterile game of football, I remember thinking how good Strachan was even though he was getting on - he won a championship medal 6 years later so he had a bit left in the tank. We kept it tight, this was after a real tonking at Forest in midweek, and Mark Stuart did the honours from Grittys ball over the top. We all expected the Alamo towards the end, but Utd petered out and as Weegie says, at the final whistle it was like winning the cup.
  • Was leaving for holiday with some mates to Minehead from Trashford (where I was living at the time). One of them was a ManUre fan and gave him some right stick. And a few others whom I met at school.
  • I was there !
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    I was there 13 at the time I was in dreamland (not margate!)
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    I didn't go but tuning into Sports Report to hear the result I nearly choked on my sandwich. I may be wrong but hadn't Fergie recently taken over and came in for some almighty stick after this result?

    Edit - note to self, read the bloody thread before showing your ignorance!!
  • How times have changed, doesn't happen these days that the team that got you promoted are all allowed to play in the top division the following season.
  • I didn't go either but remember the whole family were on holiday and I sat and listened to LBC. Then when they phoned for the result, they thought I was on a wind up. Great victory and proved again how underrated Stuart was.
  • I was there. It was a complete shock as I'd been to Forest for the midweek game and we'd got thumped 4-0.

    Coming away from Old Trafford after the win I finally thought we're in the big time.
  • Thats the one thing that bugged me about the Curbs era, we never ever beat them.

    that can't be right
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  • Yep, then he goes to West Ham and they bloody beat them every time!
  • I wasn't there but a had a most enjoyable chat with Steve Gritt in Bibas that night who was with John Humphrey. Ah those were the days.........
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: bingaddick[/cite]I didn't go but tuning into Sports Report to hear the result I nearly choked on my sandwich. I may be wrong but hadn't Fergie recently taken over and came in for some almighty stick after this result?[/quote]

    Big Ron was manager, but not for much longer...

    Ferguson was appointed in November '86.
  • The only game I missed that season (including League cup,FA Cup and play-offs).
    Got to Euston as train was pulling out.
    Must admit , cried when I heard the result.
    Been to OT many times before and since and never felt like we'd win; altho' Scotty Parker had a great first game there.
  • My first ever visit to Old Trafford also.

    First match of our first top flight season for 29 years, we'd drawn at home to Sheff Wed (Robert Lee scored, if I remember) and played well.

    Midweek match at Forest, went up full of optimism and we reckoned we'd get a point beforehand. Cloughie's boys give us a right runaround and we felt relieved to escape with only a 4-0 tonking.

    On the Saturday train going to Old Trafford, we feared the worst and all assumed we'd be given another footballing lesson, so we were just determined to have a good day out - and at least we could tell everyone that we'd actually seen Charlton play at OT.

    Beyond our wildest dreams at the final whistle, and as others have said, pure elation, unbelievable - it just felt at the time like the ultimate Charlton experience!

    A couple of other visits to OT, the Fancy Dress last match after we'd been finally relegated, 1990.

    And, of course, the 'It can only get better....' FA Cup 6th round, 11,000 Addicks at OT- at 0-0 Granty clean through 1 on 1 felled by Schmeical, who's sent off. We thought we were going to be giant killers that day, lol, before going 3-0 down to 10 men, ripped apart by that flukey Mark Hughes riccochet goal straight after half time, and Kanchelsis' solo runs. Carlo pulled one back with a decent header to make the score respectable.

    After our impressive unbeaten run starting our debut Prem season, I thought we were going to do it all over again watching Kins put us 1-0 up at OT - but that night after half time the roof fell in and we ended up well beaten at 4-1.
  • Yep I was there, first visit to Old Trafford
  • That midweek game when Kins put us in front. They were awesome 2nd half.
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    First time I saw us play there. Me and Bruv got the train up which was unusual for us at the time as we nearly always drove to away games. I remember the train was more like a cattle truck and if I remember rightly they dropped us off at Trafford Station (?) and we were escorted past the cricket ground to the ground.

    I remember Jesper Olsen going close late in the game and Mark Stuart's goal seeming miles away up the other (Stretford) end.

    Also chants of "ATKINSON OUT, ATKINSON OUT" which we either started or joined in with much to the amusement of the Mancs.

    Oh and of course........ YIPPEE EYE AYE..... YIPPEE EYE OHH !!!

    I've been lucky enough to have seen us win at Old Trafford, Anfiield, Highbury and Stamford Bridge (more than once).
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    22 years ago, scary stuff...
    as a pessimistic 16 year old who had just seen us get battered at forest midweek(when i used to go to away games) i went to old trafford hoping we'd only lose 5-0 .
    unbelievable feeling winning at old trafford nearly as good as stuffing reading 4-2 last week
  • Like most it was my first visit to OT as well. Oggy remembers correctly we were stuffed the previous Tuesday at the City Ground after going there full of optimism. (It pissed it down that night and we were stuck in a corner under the floodlight).

    The only thing I remember about the United game was Stuarts goal at the Stretford End and a big 'kick off' at half time in the concourse behind our end.

    For the benefit of Stoney, it was me who started the 'Atkinson out' chants which within three minutes were reverberrating around OT - I believe he got the Spanish Archer the following week.

    As a foot note, our next away game was at Anfield (First three aways in the top league were therefore Forest, United, Liverpool - thanks FL computer) which was dreamland for us a 'little' club.I remember the Anfield visit, (stuck in a corner again) for Mark Reid going off with a cracked rib after falling into the crowd and me winning £140 on Pistacchio at the Ebor :-)
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  • i was also at ot it was a great day for all of us when stuart scored there was the moment of disbelive the some great celebrations the atkinson out chants were superb we were in dreamland ( no not margate )
    as for the anfield game mark reid was shoved into the dugout by the aussie craig johnson hence the broken ribs
  • yes I remember driving up there, some said I shouldn't bother, as usual I ignored them- had faith in my team and Mark Stuart duly delivered... I hope to do it again some day, better get that car fixed!!!
  • Remember the Anfield game too - wasn't it Colin Walsh's debut? 0-0 at half-time , but we lost 2-0 in the end. I stood in the Kop - taken there by a Scouser friend from Uni. One of those things you can get away with as a girl...though I shied away from interpreting the words of some of our rather un pc songs when asked to do so by the locals.
  • I too was there and it was my first visit to Old Trafford. Could only get tickets in with the Mancs, thanks largely to my scouser mate who ordered the tickets....needless to say he was scared to even open his mouth....we were surrounded by Neanderthals, so when we scored I did a polite clap...walking back to the car I just had to let it some really peculiar looks. Not a great turnout by us, but we made up for it in the cup game a few years later.....thats one that really sticks in the memory.
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    [cite]Posted By: Big William[/cite]One of those things they can't take away from you, seeing Charlton win at Old Trafford.

    One of those 'rites of passage' days.

    Being able to tell all the Man U supporters who've never been to OT 'Yeah, I've seen Charlton win there' - priceless
  • Happy days.
  • I remember I was working in the garden and my wife heard the score and came running out to tell me, "who scored" I asked. "not sure, Stuart somebody, I think"
  • Great day, although they weren't at the level (of success) that they are today.

    Beating Liverpool would have been a bigger result back then. Still bloody fantastic though!
  • My year if only i was born a year or two earlier could say i was alive sounds like a really good day lucky bastards :)
  • [cite]Posted By: Ru1986[/cite]My year if only i was born a year or two earlier could say i was alive sounds like a really good day lucky bastards :)

    Given a choice, I'd prefer to be 23 again!
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