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(2008 thread) - Everything you need to know regarding Charlton Life and this Sunday's half marathon

The course is shown on the link below if clicking on Event Information, under Event Info:

It starts from 9.45 - 10.00, so if you are planning on watching, time your mileage accordingly. (the favourite to win, Joseph Kibor, is expected to complete the course in 60 mins !!)

There are a variety of bands playing throughout the circuit, so pick a good spot. It sounds like something the kids might enjoy.

Start lists have been released, and numbers to look out for are (with starting pen colour for runners):

422 - Cherry - Kigelia
2881 - Green - Dave Storry
3186 - Green - Latimer
3241 - Green - AFKA
5688 - Green - Tavern
3192 - Green - WSS
2394 - Green - Albany Steve
3808 - Green - Cardinal Sin
3685 - Green - Matt Wright
8375 - Turquoise - Curb It
6899 - Turquoise - Ketman
7733 - Turquoise - Allleftfoot
11204 - Orange - GHE
11497 - Orange - TCE

(Johnboy, 3 Blokes - have you arranged collecting your packs)

We will be wearing vests similar to the one below, except there is a white badge on the breast with 'CHARLTONLIFE RUNNING FOR DEMELZA HOUSE' on the left breast.

If recognised, a shout out for 'Red Army' will be returned in kind. 'Move it you fat Charlton bast*rd' won't :-)

We hope if as many of you are free, you may be there to give us a shout, or join us for a drink in the Anchor afterwards.

Post race - We will be having a meet up at the Anchor pub on the river (behind Macros), and are providing food for anyone who comes down to join us. Would be great to see you.

If you do have a few spare pennies, then please donate to our justgiving page:

And finally, just for a bit of fun and the chance to win a Charlton Life Ping polo shirt, have a guess at what you think the accumulated time for all of us will be on the link below:

thanks 'guys' :-)


  • 60 minutes For F**** SAKE that is not human LOL

    Good luck all.
  • I might trip him up if he runs past me that fast. give you mob a chance of catching him up!
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]Joseph Kibor

    looking at his recent results I doubt he will get anywhere near that. I imagine he will be nearer 70minutes finish time, possibly slower. Still a damned fine runner though. Even at my best I only covered a half marathon in about 78mins and that was 13 years ago.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKABartram[/cite]the favourite to win, Joseph Kibor, is expected to complete the course in 60 mins !!

    I reckon Ketman will smash him!
  • No Chance mate I am starting near the back by the sounds of it, any chance someone could spark up a Benson for me when I cross the finish line?
  • what do the colours mean then? i put tavern down as the same time as me?
  • I think they were meant to relate to your finish time although the start pens referred to on the start list seem to be completely different to the colours on the numbers.

    The specific instance is the the front start pen for all the fast runners is shown as red on the start lists but most people who put down a start time that would put them towards the back have got a red number from what I can gather.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]what do the colours mean then? i put tavern down as the same time as me?

    there are also two of the same name as him, so perhaps i listed the wrong one
  • 5688 - Green - Tavern
    My number is 8290 red and Curb_it is red also or is that cherry for us both
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  • Number 12146 that's me. Look out for it, I'm hoping to be in the first 12000 ;)
  • 8815 - Red - JohnBoyUK
  • Forum

    major cock up with the colouring. i should have a turquoise number but got a red. so just follow the numbers tomorrow and not colours
  • I hear the start's been delayed because of a breakdown on the Jubilee Line - was due to start at 9.45, now starting around 10.30. Lots of runners are having to *walk* up the peninsula to the Dome, and that's before they start the race.
  • really inspector?? lol at that!!
  • Yeah - weather's still crap as well. It's gonna be tough start for a lot of people!
  • (hah - just turned the TV on and there's clear blue skies in Newcastle for the Great North Run!)
  • lol typical!!
  • by the way inspector you goin down the anchor later??
  • Not sure yet - might end up in Greenwich rather than Charlton, and if the weather's crap I might just stay in. But hopefully I'll get down there for a Guinness.
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  • uh-oh - it's just started to piss down...
  • lol, what a nightmare dude, bet the runners are fumin lol
  • I'm probably a bit late, but good luck to all the runners.
  • edited October 2008
    Didn't clock anyone at Charlton House (though I thought someone shouted hello to me fairly early on) - hopefully Curb_It isn't *right* at the back, since Charlton Spoon Man is out banging his spoons and chattin' up the ladies ;-)

    It absolutely tipped it down for about an hour - fair play to anyone who can run in that!
  • We are all back safe and sound everyone finished, going for a bath and lay down I'll let the experts give you a more detailed report.
  • edited October 2017
    Proper write-up tomorrow, i'm simply too tired to write much.

    All i would say is we did it.

    Every bloody one of us.

    And believe me you had to be there to appreciate just how foul the weather was.

    Feel incredibly proud of everyone involved. If you have been as generous enough to have sponsored us, rest assured your money was earned.

    good night, i'm going to bed with a pizza and my medal !



  • Proud.... not much of a word but sums up my feelings right now. So, so proud of each and every one of the Charlton Lifers who ran today. Crap weather but this didn't stop any of them. It was an honour to witness what you all achieved today, not just for yourselves but also for Demelza House.

    Chaps and chapess... be very proud of yourselves today. A truly cracking effort by all of you.
  • Well done everyone. Fantastic achievement.
  • Well done to everyone today. The organisation - and the weather - left a lot to be desired!!! I'm uploading some pics to my Facebook page but will sort out getting some on here tomorrow. I think I've just finally dried out and I was only supporting!
  • Be proud ladies and gents! Great day and we all passed the line!Well done everyone!
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