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Charlton Life FC vs Burnley supporters, 25th October, Meridian Sports


Game vs Burnley supporters, 11am KO @ Meridian Sports, Charlton.

Same format as before and all welcome, although obviously if we get more than the original 20 or so who turned up for the Ipswich match, then we are going to have to do a bit of jiggery pokery to ensure that everyone gets a decent run out, so please bear with us.

As far as I know, the following are playing (and apologies if I have forgotten to add you). Everyone else who would like to play, please add your name below. If you’d like any more info, send me a whisper or leave a message here.

Ric, are you free to ref?

Cheers all

Oggy Red
Luva Luva
Blackheath Addick
Bob Bolder
Dave Storry
Dave Mehmet
Randy Andy
Gumbo Shearer


  • Yep, I'll be there.

    Where are we in the league ......?

  • put me down mate
  • Hello, Gumbo ....... the Ipswich matchwinner, the new SuperKev. :o)

    We'd have beaten them if you'd played for us!
  • Bump...

    Is there anyone who wants to play missing from the list, or have I included anyone who isn't planning on playing?

    Game is on, 11am KO at Meridian on Sat morning.

    As before, please bring own kit (or at least a red shirt), subs (allow £3-£4 each) and a good sense of humour.

    Any probs / questions send me a whisper - altho I will be offline from Weds evening and AFKA will be taking over.

    edited October 2008
    Sorry - in Bournemouth for the weekend. Would have played as well - blinking missus getting me a birthday present by the sea!
  • Yep definiteley be there.
  • Just to add, Meridian are putting on sarnies etc for us after the game.
  • Can I just turn up for the grub ?
  • Wahey!

    Unfortunately won't be able to come to The real game after but defo up for playing still!
  • edited October 2008
    I'll be there, in a watching capacity of course.

    Mcs are you getting up there to watch? I believe we have a couple of babies heads that need wetting. :-)
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  • I'll be there, abusing Gumbo from the touchline
  • That's not the real Bob Bolder, is it?
  • Thats not the real Jimmy Melrose, is it ?
  • That's not a real Miserableoldishgit is it?
  • Could someone please let me know if the game starts at 11am what time will it finish.
  • Hello Badger, yes game is on at 11am...finish around 1ish...
  • Thanks Charlie, i'll pop along.
  • Luva Luva will be unable to make it today, so if you are looking to replace one overweight player with dodgy eyes, no positional sense and two left feet I'll bring my boots, but be warned I'm not as fit or as skillful as he is. :-(
  • Re-arrange the following:

    Score couldnt brothel in a Gumbo

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  • What was the result?
  • 3-1 to the Burnley :-(
  • Yep, we lost again. Burnley had about 4 chances and scored 3 times.

    But ....... we missed plenty of chances, hit the woodwork and made the keeper work a bit.

    Ask the ref about their first very offside goal .....

  • Didn't think their 1st was offside.

    They also had a good goalie.

    Where did JOHN the burnley player get his beach style shorts from?

    Think it was a good allround effort as they 've only lost 1 in 12

    Gumbo needs to put 'em away.

    In true cafc style i left early...booooo.
  • Thanks for coming, Badger.

    Burnley John's shorts were AFKA's full length trackie bottoms - John's the Meridian manager, BTW.

    You should have said hello. There were FREE sandwiches in the bar afterwards.

  • I went about 20 minutes into the second half, collected my daughter from swimming club and then went to meet Rothko at Bartrams to do the flag.

    Shame more peeps didn't say hello ;o)

    I Did notice a few faces.
  • Cheers, Badger. Come along again next time - and have a beer with us afterwards.
  • Shame, about the loss fellas. It's the taking part that's important ;-)
  • Thought we were the better team, kept the ball a lot better than against Ipswich, created lots of real chances, just didn't work a fairly decent keeper anywhere near hard enough, and collectively fell asleep a bit for their 3rd. Another days we would have won 5-2
  • [cite]Posted By: Oggy Red[/cite]Ask the ref about their first very offside goal .....


    Oh dear ....
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