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Craig Bellamy on JJ (V funny thread)

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Just been listening to Talksport (for my sins) and Danny Kelly was talking about an amazing outburst from that well known footballing thinker (also read tool) Bellamy slating JJ's abilities after JJ sank Wales on saturday, first I heard of it. (reckon a thread must have been on here somewhere and I missed it.) For my benefit what happened?


  • Bellamy in the interview said "Johansson scored I don't know how he scored because I don't think he’s a good enough player to score".
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    Cheers Covered End Jr. What a prize knob Bellamy is, he is no great of the game and his ego far exceeds his talent. JJ is more than decent enough to score against the footballing behemoth that is Wales, and Bellamy shows what a grade a turd he is once again ! I like JJ even more now! (just realised this was covered on a thread on the next page....doh!)
  • Never forget the little no-necked prick trying to start a row with Deano after scoring a penalty at the Valley in the Championship winning year. Absolute, utter twat.
  • The irony is if JJ had had Bellamy's attitude, then we may well have had our 2nd European player of the year on our hands.

    Then again, if JJ had Bellamy's attitude, i doubt he would have signed for us in the first place....
  • I was in Wales at the weekend the general Wlesh opinion of the Bellamy is.......Twat
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    I was in England at the weekend the general English opinion of Bellamy is.......Twat

    Was anyone else in any other countries this weekend? ;0)
  • I was in Mexico and the general opinion is No Neck Gringo Twat
  • I'm in France at the moment.

    I have canvassed opinion and the response, uniformly, is that Bellamy is regarded as un Twat.
  • I was in Spain and the general opinion is Muchos Twatos
  • See the world over thinks he is a twat therefore he must be....
    Craig Bellamy-Twat its official
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  • Ero in Napoli al fine settimana e l'opinione era che Bellamy è un twat
  • [cite]Posted By: IdleHans[/cite]I'm in France at the moment.

    I have canvassed opinion and the response, uniformly, is that Bellamy is regarded as un Twat.

    Shouldn't that be une Twat - I'm pretty sure it's a feminine noun!?!
  • As a nation, I think it's safe to say that Canada used to think, back in his early Newcastle days, that he had some serious potential. Unfortunately, rather than improving, he's spent most of his time since being injured, suspended, or a general twat.
  • There's graffiti on a wall in Footscray Road proclaiming "Bellamy is a twat".

    The people of New Eltham have spoken.
  • Well I am glad that that has been cleared up overnight ! "Bellamy is indeed a twat". However as someone who has at certain points in their adult life made use of a twat or two (even a Welsh one on one occasion.....Ah Gfanwy what a girl), is'nt that statement rather unfair on twats in general ? and cannot Bellamy just be pigeon holed as being Welsh, enough said ?
  • Craig Bellamy - a player so loved , appreciated and welcomed back by all the fans at every one of his previous 7 clubs.;-)

    JJ scored he didn't

    jj got 18 international goals
    bellamy 16

    I think that speaks volumes on who is nto a very good player.

    Minä luulen, että Craig Bellamy on häpy ja ei ole riittävän hyvä puhdistaakseen minun saappaani, jonaton?-johansson? - just got this quote from JJ from his website.
  • I was in Portugal and they drew 0-0
  • Apparently Obama is having a big conference tomorrow to confirm Americas stance on Bellamy's twattishness. 19 other nations are thought to be turning up to support The War against Twats (aka T.W.A.T.)
  • Welcome to Sydenham.
    We score 0 points for Bellamy.
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    Craig 一点 动 拉屎;粪;屎.狗屁!该死的!
  • Ridiculous thing to say.

    'He's not good enough to score' - scores
    Craig Bellamy - Doesn't score.
  • I listened to that sunday morning and thought i must have misheard what he said, as why would a fellow professional player say that about another.

    JJ wish you had the opportunity to give one or you bicycle overhead kicks straight to his mush.
  • Bellamy = prize, grade A, oven-ready TWAT
  • Greetings Ingland, we hope from sunny Istanbul that you are having most pleasant evening, and Ulrika you look very beautiful tonight.

    Here are the votes from the Turkish jury:

    Craig Bellamy - Nil Point
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    Just got to work and apparently the opinion in Woolwich is

    ''He iz a twat blud, init''.
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    Im Free:

  • I was in Belgium last week. Apparantly Bellamy is a twat, covered in the finest chocolate, then sealed in a succulent quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose.
  • สื้กวสทืหม สำวนทว แส งวสากแรนงวสห วาบงยนีรม สยาทื้กเ
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