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Knowing you're getting old - # Number 326

Finding The Vicar of Dibley funny....


  • oh but it was funny!

    that noise she made!
  • Being told that a hit single is a remake of so and so's hit in 98 and not knowing the original.

    To me the real test is being the age you first remember your dad being.............
  • Being disappointed Santa didn't bring you that nasal hair trimmer you wanted.
  • jesus suze , now we know what you and les have in common , did he have you watching my hero as well?
  • i think the fatty of dibbly is the worst programme on tv and i declared that yesterday in front of the sausage family.

    how was your white christmas?
  • he wasn't there, didn't see him till yesterday, my nan put it on!! he hates vicar of dibley he said yesterday!

    no my hero, just father ted the other day in the flat! but thats allowed.
  • I ended up watching the darts last night, sod all on TV
  • Last night's TV was lame.

    Best TV was Monday night.... Little Britain Abroad...
  • saw a charlton shirt at the front of the barmy army at 1.15am!
  • [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]Best TV was Monday night.... Little Britain Abroad...

    i don't get that. really don't find it that funny.
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  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]saw a charlton shirt at the front of the barmy army at 1.15am!

    Wasn't the person I knew who's out there
  • yeah, les said that too. prob the same charlton fan. that means there's at least 2
  • what a shock to hear the score this morning. before lunch, the fella looked like he'd never played test cricket in his life, by the time we've woken up he's 154 not out.
  • Feel asleep at lunch, and thought the bowlers did a good job, he couldn't hit a cows arse, and the lower order would be getable.

    Wake up 6, see the score, mutter some swear words, and go back to sleep
  • white xmas was good les , though I only have just started feeling almost human again.
  • Can normally take or leave "Dibley" but that episode was hilarious.
  • glad someone agrees with me, can't say i'm a fan normally.
  • edited December 2006
  • not a huge dibley fan either although big fan of D&J usually (Jam & Jreusalem growing on me - and that definitely qualifies under the getting old tag!) but....did laugh at last one despite the obviousness of it all.

    getting old = swearing at TV when Westlife on "singing" Abba classics and getting Abba DVD out to watch instead in sad huffy sort of mannner ......(note - think it's perfectly reasonable - indeed obligatory - to swear at Westlife whatever age you are)
  • You know you're getting old when you fill in an on-line application form and your year of birth is not immediately visible on the dropdown, you have to scroll for it. :-(
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  • I have a mate, a soul fan, who refuses to listen to any music past 1968 and who dismisses What's Going On by Marvin Gaye as 'disco'!
  • Going from 20/20 vision to realising you can't read the small print anymore, result, glasses, hate 'em!

    Still gelling your hair, but realising there's not as much to gel these days!

    Racing your grandchildren and getting beaten hands down after 10 yards!
  • You have to push when pissing.
  • It takes longer and longer to wash your face...
  • Modern yoof annoy me more and more

    Their silly hairstyles, ridiculous jeans with the arse by their knees and their thinking that I want to see the tops of their M&S boxer shorts.

    Oh yeah - and the ones who still think it's cool to shoulder barge me when I walk down the high street because it makes them look hard. For those of you that don't know me I am around the 18 stone mark and not likely to be affected by a 9 stone weakling thinking he is billy big bollocks

    Yoof of today are making me a very grumpy old (34 year old) man
  • when you can remember when this thread would have been called 'Knowing you're getting old - # Number 89'
  • [cite]Posted By: Chirpy Red[/cite]
    To me the real test is being the age you first remember your dad being.............
    This and being shocked when hearing what year someone was born in, 1990 got the ball rolling!
  • Whilst at work, draging final year trainee G.P's out to see patients and seriously wondering how on earth they are going to have enough life knowledge to understand the needs and problems facing a young single mother or a chronic alcoholic or a cancer sufferer at end of life, oh and the trainee is 23 never had a job of any sort and still lives with parents!

    also being happy in the knowledge that having grey hair worked ok for richard gere and george clooney!
  • Being older than the players, the manager and the Chairman at Charlton!
  • [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]Being older than the players, the manager and the Chairman at Charlton!

    This thread is not for you Len.

    We all know that you are old!!! ;-)
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