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Huddersfield vs Charlton - Poll, News, Views and Booooooos....

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Now this is a big game. Win and we cement our place in the play offs by being 9 points ahead of Huddersfield. Lose, and we’re just another defeat away from dropping out of them.

After a highly disappointing draw against Gillingham last weekend followed by an uncharacteristic Parkinson emotive rant, it is going to be interesting to see the players’ reaction this weekend. Is the pressure getting to Parky and the players or will the outburst provide some kind of catalyst for the rest of the season? If by some long shot it’s the latter we really do still have a chance of one of those automatic spots with the games we still have to play.

Not hopeful though.

With Burton seemingly out for the count it will be interesting to see what Parky does up top. Will he go to the ineffective-so-far Akpooney combination or will he resort to one upfront and re-introduce Jonjo (please) to play behind one of them?

I hope that Reid is fit allowing Bailey to slot back into the centre alongside Semedo with Sam on the right. I can’t see any changes to the defensive line from Saturday other that Randolph starting in goal.

We need not to lose this game but its going to be difficult against a Huddersfield team that can score goals.

A John Robinson moment is needed. Will we get it?

A satisfactory 1-1 for me.

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  • I feeling unusually confident about getting a result here, something I haven't felt in weeks.
  • Huddersfield are very strong on their own patch we are struggling with injuries to important players like Burton.

    3-1 to Huddersfield I fear but would love to be proved wrong
  • sorry but cannot see anything other than a defeat here, really hope I'm proved wrong and they show some much needed fighting spirit.

    2-0 to Udders...
  • I'd settle for 0-0. The start of a run of clean sheets would be good.
  • 2-0 to use, one early one late
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    I usually join these threads to predict a win, but I'm fearing the worst from this one.

    Parky ''lifted'' the side after Millwall... and we got a point at home against a club that hasn't won away all season! If that's a ''lift'' I really can't see us getting anything at Huddersfield, who I thought were one of the best teams to come to the Valley this season.

    Having predicted wins the last two weeks and been wrong, hopefully I'm wrong again. But I dread to think what the table might look like on Sat night. Quite possibly just three points above seventh.

    Of course, Parky has to play Shelvey. But he probably won't...

    Sorry. I'm clearly feeling a bit down today. I feel our future is really in the balance. We've had plenty of so-called 'must win' games this season which weren't really. This one probably is as close as it gets.
  • 3-1 Udders.
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    a point will be reasonable for us ... a defeat and it's nightmare time .... a win and i'm going to mk dons next week !!

    in our 82 seasons of league football millwall have only been in one division higher for 5 seasons as opposed to our 45 seasons above them(26 one above, 19 two above) the last time was season 74/5 before i started watching in 1976, don't do this to me charlton perlease don't do this to me cos i will hunt you all down and make you suffer like i will be made to suffer...............
  • 3-1 to Huddersfield, they're just too strong at home.
  • If we can keep it tight for the first 20 mins then their fans start to get frustrated.......blah blah blah.........
    won't happen, we will get beat.
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    this is not the game that i would like to have on the back of a season so far of very lacklustre performances.huddlesfield are very good at home with just one defeat and scoring a lot of goals too would really only be looking for the win to put themselves back into contention for the play-offs.

    but maybe i've got it all wrong and it really is the valley boo boys and not some odd tactical choices every week (please play shelvey) that turn parky's boys into jibbering wrecks and so are the reason why our wheels have come off a little.what a great opportunity for the players, under no pressure and no one to hurt their little feelings.maybe the players will respond to this huge game for us (any tickets left?) as they show a bit of backbone and put ourselves right back into the mix and send signals to the rest of the league that we really mean business going into the final straight.

    i think parky will be looking for damage limitation and try to get a 0-0 draw up there to stop huddersfield from grabbing one of the play-off places that we are stumbling away from,but hopefully millwall away where we had no shots on target for a london derby would have shown him not to bother with that thought again.

    2-1 away win shocker
  • Let's just forget about Millwall and hope they overtake Leeds as a defeat for Leeds will dent their confidence even further.

    As for us I think a draw is the best we can expect and we shall be there to shout encouragement and not boo.

    As for who will be in the team, I have no idea but suggest that 4-5-1 with Shelvey playing would be preferable, if Shelvey doesn't play then questions have to be asked.

    WSS - nice summary.
  • Randolph
    Richardson Sodje Dailly Borrowdale
    Sam Semedo Bailey Reid

    I think 4-5-1 is what works best for us, especially away, Mooney up top on his own won't work and though Sodje doesn't really win alot he is a big lump.

    Want Shelvey back in the team, but it won't happen. If it does it will be in place of Racon, which would be a bit unlucky for him as I think he has been one of our better players recently.
  • Even tho we beat them, i quite rated Huddersfield down the Valley. Seeing as they are even better at home, i cant see us getting anything from the game.

    Heart says 0-0....Head, 2-0 Udders.
  • Huddersfield score plenty of goals at home, so we would need to defend properly and we aren't capable of that at the moment.

    I honestly don't think our players are mentally strong enough for games like this. 3-0 Huddersfield.
  • easy win for huddersfield, expect (minus injured players) to have the same line up as last week, Parkys post match comments suggests he thinks we played well.
  • although we have a decent away record this season, fourth best in the League in fact, we havn't beaten a current top half team away from home. Hoping for a win, would take a draw, expecting a narrow defeat.
  • Thought Huddersfield were the best passing side i've seen at the Valley this season. If they're anywhere near that level at home they'll rip us to pieces. We need the extra man in midfield but it's not going to happen. 4-0
  • 3-1 to Charlton.

    Uncle, can you ask JJ to do the golf swing when he gets his brace tomorrow
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  • we are struggling so badly at the moment but i fancy us to win 2-1 dailly and bailey to score dont forget we are charlton and we never do things easily.
  • [cite]Posted By: creepyaddick[/cite]3-1 to Charlton.

    Uncle, can you ask JJ to do the golf swing when he gets his brace tomorrow

    wonky teeth?
  • One in each half, 2-0 to Huddersfield.
  • I see a tonking on a par with Millwall.

    3-0 Huddersfield
  • We need a win - or else.
  • 3-0 hudders :(

    If we can somehow get a draw it would be great
  • Not confident at all however i think it'll be quite tight. 2-1 to Huddersfield.
  • Cricket score...
  • All over us like a rash :0(
  • Well if Forster is fit, would you start him, or see how it's going and give him 20 minutes at the end?
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