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So IF we did have a Charlton Life badge we'd need a logo/design

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Anyone able to come up with a cool design for a badge that we could adopt?

I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler but reckon ther must be someone who is pretty tasty with Photoshop or who is a design boffin

*please note this is in no way my intention to organise anything like this - more curiosity at the creative types on here. For now.


  • That's it, get a good idea and then skulk into the background and let everybody else do the work, I actually had the same idea but I was waiting for someone else to start it off...

    My mate got some badges off the internet for his fishing club, the first 100 worked out at £1.15p each plus a start-up fee of £90, p&p was a tenner I think, they're good quality too...

    If this is to be a 'goer' then I'll be more than happy to start it up and see it through, there, don't say I didn't volunteer...
  • I'm the idea machine - someone else can be creative
  • Hopefully the next poster will know what they're doing...
  • I'm the idea machine - someone else can be creative......Swisdom

    That is normally my line and I am 'creative,' the graphics you have on Charlton life are pretty cool who did those!......

    I could be 'persuaded' and you have Red Zed's offer your cup runneth over!....
  • I knew some mug bespoke gentleman would come in pick up the ball...

    Go on Ken, run with it....

    As long as it's round and looks good on a 25mm disc it shuldn't take long for your creative juices to start flowing...
  • We should do a badge with Mooneys face on it, with a tick or a cross according to your opinion of him. That way you could recognise other lifers in the pub, and go straight to buying them drinks because they agree with you, or arguing with them because they know nothing about football.
  • cl.jpg
    First Up tonight is a clever little three coloured number, sleek and round and with a white hand holding up a big knife...

    Round the edges we have the words 'Charlton Life' cleverly embroidered in a sharp crisp Arial font set into the deep black background...
  • Too similar to our logo IMO. Would suggest different proportions, for instance the central part being of a smaller size, but I
    admit i'm crap in design (yes, I know, in other departments as well).
  • Alternative idea - from our resident ideas machine - was the sword emblem but with LIFE written on it from top to bottom.
  • Make the hand/sword the 'L' somehow in CL.
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    Edit: Misread the thread title
  • NLA rocks should be the message
  • Right, that's it, if all you're gonna do is take the piss and criticize then you can all go feck yourselves, Ken, it's all yours mate...

    I tried, God knows, I bloody tried...
  • Im no good with design or anything, but if somthing came out of it then i'd definetly throw in a tenner, if everyone else did the same I'm sure we'd get enough, just need a design!
  • 1 hour is a noble effort, RedZed!
  • How about a cardigan with a Charlton sword?

    No idea how to draw one!
  • Being serious for a moment, we've got to be careful with copyright here - the sword "device" (technical term) is copyright, so you'd need permission from the club, which I am not sure would be forthcoming.
  • It's not really a logo...


    ...but it was fun to make
  • Did the sword logo not come from fans competition years ago when I was a lad, the 'Valliants'..... or did I dream that!. I assume the club designed this, but who owns the IPR to this......
    As I said who did the 'funky ' logos that are on this site......the ones looking like a bmw badge in the rain!
  • A scaled down copy of Rachel Riley's bum in red with the word "Life" written accross it.
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  • I like the home page badge design thingy (top left corner)
  • I've never given it much thought, but why does our badge have a sword on it??
    Surely a haddock would be more relevant ! :)
  • [cite]Posted By: Valley11[/cite]I've never given it much thought, but why does our badge have a sword on it??
    Surely a haddock would be more relevant ! :)
    Or a swordfish...
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    I like the home page badge design thingy (top left corner) creepyaddick.....
    That was the point of my post earlier.....Use what you have! ....... The type could be a little more bigger and bolder for print purposes!

    Who owns the copyright to the artwork!, Does anyone have the original artwork, probably a layered photoshop file!
    As I said previously you need to run this past Charlton as you are using there 'logo' as a matter of courtesey if nothing else and the owner of the 'rights' to the logo of this site may well want to have a say!

    I would!.....
  • Well they look good Swisdom, IMO....... So a design(s) already existed!.......I ran them through photoshop and they are 72dpi, and have converted one to 300 dpi, converted to cmyk, on a transparent background, They will need a little work on it.....

    However.....So now we have a choice of designs and I assume approval to make these into badges etc.......yes/no

    As I posted who owns the copyright to these! and have the club? yes/no .....and do you have approval in writing from the marketing/commercial department to use them! yes/no

    I can do the artwork for print, plastic/enamel/goldplated!.....

    So many questions!....... might be a good way of raising some money for the site guys!.... T shirts, caps, profits to Damelzia/shirt sponsorship........
  • Ken,

    The club owns the copyright to the badge and the use of Charlton in a football context.

    Would they object to a version of the logo being used by Charlton Life? Most likely not as long as it is not for profit and not bringing the Club into disrepute. Given the money the site puts into the Club via shirt sponsorships and the amount of staff and directors who read this site I can't see it being a problem but I would still suggest;

    1. that whoever is going to pay for the badges to be made clears it with the club first. Try [email protected]

    2. That someone checks this is OK with AFKA and Lookie

    3. Contacts Northstandsteve as this is his business and we should be putting work the way of local Charlton owned firms when possible. Plus we know where he lives if he messes it all up ; - )

    4. The people organising this, good on you Chaps, work out the costs and retail price of the badges. I'll be happy to buy one but can we have a glasp not a butterfly fitting.
  • Henry only 1, your not even buying junior 1, you tight .... ;-)
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    Can we have a pixie impaled on the sword?

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