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The week that was - 2nd March 1985 Charlton 5 Barnsley 3

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Charlton come back after being 0-3 down after 25 minutes in a classic. Shame so few were there to witness it.

The Valley Att: 3,832.
Charlton Athletic 5 (1) (Dowman 37, 78, Lee 50, Flanagan 62, Moore (pen) 73) Barnsley 3 (3) (R Futcher 15, 19, 25)

Charlton: Johns, Curtis, Friar, Madden, Dowman, Aizlewood, Lee, Curbishley, Moore, Anderson (Hales 46), Flanagan.

Barnsley: Baker, Joyce, Law, Ronson, jeffels, P Futcher, Owen, Thomas, R Futcher, Agnew, Campbell. Unused sub: Goodison.

Referee: K Cooper (Pontypridd)

Penalties: Owen hit a penalty over the bar in the 59th minute after Flanagan had tripped Thomas. At the other end Flanagans header was handled on the line leading to Moores penalty.

Ron Futcher was sent off in the 66th minute for a second booking.


  • i was there...sitting in the west stand as was...futhcher's hat-trick and we should have been dead and buried...unbelievable comeback...
  • Remember this one, we were a particularly poor side at the time. Watched from the East Terrace. Seem to remember being elated after the game & could not wait until next game which funnily enough was a few days later at home to bottom of the table Cardiff City. Needless to say Charlton reverted to type & got dicked 1-4 at home by a team doomed to relegation, a truly woeful showing after one of the best comebacks I have ever seen.
  • I was in the Covered End, and two Barnsley supporting friends from college were in the away end - there were so few of them, I could see them jumping up and down as the three flew in.

    Amazing comeback - just a mad game. Futcher's sending off was the point where we really knew we could go on and win. Can't be many players sent off after scoring a hat-trick?
  • I will always remember this game, an absolute classic. The parents of Nicky Law, the Barnsley fullback, live(d) next door to my mum & dad in Bexley. I remember that he had an absolute nightmare that day so I was able to give him huge amounts of stick that evening when he dropped round to see them.

    Were there really only 3,832 of us there that day?
  • This is a modern day version of Huddersfield 7-6 match - everyone seems to claim they were there!

    Me? Well I was, definitely. And also the Cardiff match Ketman was referring to the following midweek (which was Jim Stannards only appearance for us in gaol, if memory serves me right.)
  • I can firmly say that I didn't go to this one. Recently married and under the thumb probably.

    Looking at the team, its not too hard to see why we might have created a chance or two

    With Curbs, Lee and Aizlewood at the heart of midfield and Moore, Flash and Killer up front (2nd half).

    Our defence though was pants. Madden was a better midfielder than he was defender, the full backs were very average and Dowman wasn't much cop (except apparantly in the opposition penalty area). Only Nicky Johns was quality. One of the most agile keepers we've had.
  • I was there and the reason I remember it most apart from the score, was that I watched most of the game from the away end.Can't remember doing that too often.

    Those were the days when you could go where you liked and lots of Charlton used to swap ends at half time if he were attacking the away end second half.

    There was of course usually a fight at half time behind the west stand on the way.
  • My old man was out on the beer with Ronnie Moore that night he said he was sh**tin himself when he stepped up for the pen to put us in front.
  • I was in the Covered End. Remember Steve Reader threw a peanut into the goal mouth at 0-3. Lucky peanut!
  • I have visions of Ronnie Moore trying to rouse the thinly populated Covered End when we got back in the game. An amazing game that was. Would definately be in my top ten Charlton memories.
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  • I went to this game. I remember after their 3rd goal the stadium announcer said "and the third goal for Barnsley was scored by number 9? Ron Futcher. No-more please Ron." I was convinced Futcher got sent off in the first half. Didn't realise their were so few people there.
  • Steve Dowman (not the real one who scored in this game) reminded me of this when we were 0-3 down at half time. Bastard gave me false hope!
  • Was in the covered end for this one. Was one of the few highlights from an awful season.
  • yep i was at this one in the covered end and i'm embarassed to say i thought we might have had a chance of repeating history on saturday.....
    with crusoe in the fact i thought futcher was sent off in the first half
  • I was in the West stand for this game.

    This and the 3-1 home win against Palace is the only two games I remember from about 82 - 85, and I went to every home game during that period.
  • i was at this, in the 'chicken run' between the covered end and West (only) stand. Sorry for raising your hopes at half time stone, I didnt raise mine too much as I went straight to the Con club at half time saturday.
  • I was there, stood in the covered end, skinhead clobber & had to retrieve my Dr Martens from the police room across in the corner of the West Stand car park.

    Wasn't the club shop a portacabin in the car park at the time?
  • Portakabin would of been a bit lah de dah, it was a wooden shed I think.
  • I was there along with Large and probably JimmyMelrose who posts on here (he would have only been about 8 at the time).

    was thinking about this game last Saturday around 3.30 pm when their 3rd went in - somehow I didn't think we would repeat the feat though !!!!!!!!!
  • and a night for heroics.....
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  • in the covered end for this one waiting for my other half who arrived after about 20 minutes had gone and didn't
    believe me that we were already 3 nil down. It's game like this that make you think there is always hope!
  • Was in the Covered End for this classic game, and returned on the tuesday to watch us get thumped 4 - 1 by bottom of the League, Cardiff City.

    Typical Charlton, and things don't change after tuesday's shambles.
  • I was (really) there, East terrace, level with the South penalty area on the first or second crush barrier from the front.

    Agree about the defence, where would we have been without Nicky Johns, who was a great keeper.

    Can't say I remember much about the game, my favourite 0-3 comeback is the Newcastle away one.
  • I live in Vancouver now and most of my Charlton experiences have been poor.
    I worked in London for 6 months between June 2008 & Feb 2009. Went to most home games and experienced the demise of Pardew and how progressively worse we got. My Charlton experiences range from our promotion year from the old Div 3, to the play off win at Wembley.
    Where this is leading to, I'm not sure, but I can honestly say I was at this game in the Covered end and one of my great Charlton experiences.
    I had taken my kid brother to his 1st Charlton game and he was hooked. Or so I thought. He in now a West Ham fan!
  • yep was at this one
  • Another Valley classic that I will always remember. I was in my usual spot in the North stand with my Dad. Why can football these days not offer the same excitement? Even at 3 nil down I don't recall any booing. Not only did they have Ron Futcher, but also his brother Paul a former England centre half. That would have been Dave Madden in midfield, a tall elegant player who we signed from Arsenal but only played around 20 games before heading off to the States, Lawrie had departed in 82.
    I'd also forgotton all about Darren Anderson the young long haired midfielder who also only played a handfl of games.
  • I remember this one because it was the first home game I had missed for about 5 years. We were pretty awful at the time and I felt justified in my decision not to go when I saw we were 3-0 down at half time. And then I saw the final score.
  • We had a couple (and only a couple) of really great home games that season. This was one of them (watched the first half sitting behind the Barnsley fans...all 30 of them and 2nd half in the seats behind the covered end) and Grimsby was the other. In that one we were 1-0 down and stormed back to win 4-1, Rob Lee hat-trick and Curbishley's 1st goal for the club drilled low from 20 yards. Nigel Batch copped even more stick than he usually did! (Grimsby keeper of the time). In general that season we were very poor to watch but still had the above mentioned games, a great match at home with Oxford 3-3. memorable days at Wimbeldon & Man City (lost 5-1) and the unbelievable performance at Spurs in the cup. Plus the season ended a very hopeful note....the formation of The Junior Reds, the impending quality signings of Mark Reid and John Pearson and the promise of more signings to follow (a promise that was kept).

    PS: Gordon Owen's crucial penalty miss for Barnsley made Nick Bailey's look like a close shave! It went sailing into the upper tier of the away end.
  • This was the day I became a charlton supporter, as it was my first ever charlton match. I was 12 years old.

    Love it!
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