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Your Worst Five... TV "Comedy" Programmes

Last of the Summer Wine
Brighton Belles
Absolutely Fabulous


  • Mrs Browns Boys
    Dads Army
    Benny Hill Show
    Rude Tube
    You been framed
  • Miranda
    last of the summer wine
    victoria wood, anything she has been in
    Brush strokes

  • Mrs browns boys x5. Just awful
  • Harry Hills burp thingy
    Victoria Wood dinner ladies (or as above, anything with her in it)
    Mrs Browns Boys
    Brush Strokes
  • Badiel's Syndrome........nuff said
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    Anything with the "comedian" Jack Whitehall. He's like the posh, popular kid at school who thought he would become a comedian because everyone likes him when he doesn't have a comic bone in his body.
  • Celebrity Juice
    Anything with Reeves and Mortimer
    The Mighty Boosh
    Not Going Out
    How I Met Your Mother
  • Friends
    Last of the summer wine
    The mighty Boosh
    Anything with Julian Clarey
  • Mrs Browns Boys
    Anything with Harry Hill
    Blackadder 1
    Struggling for the last one... hmmm... anything else with Harry Hill?
  • Benidorm
    The league of gentlemen
    Citizen khan
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  • Citizen Khan
    Red Dwarf
  • The Mighty Boosh
    Come Fly With Me
    Vic Reeves Big Night Out
    Last Of The Summer Wine
  • Mrs Browns Boys
    The Big Bang Theory
    How I Met Your Mother
    Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow

    I only had to see 5 minutes of Mrs Browns Boys to decide it was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. There are probably worse things than BBT and HIMYM but I don't like them because of how loads of people I know love them despite them being really average and the fake applause. Comedy Roadshow is a bit of a stretch but just wanted to point out that Michael McIntyre is a twat.
  • Citizen Khan
    The Wright Way
    In with the Flynns
  • So far I'm reassured I'm not the only person who thought Friends was rubbish. I spent most of my 20's thinking I was abnormal in some way as ALL my friends obsessed about it and repeated lines/scenes. Every time I watched one (by being in the same house sometimes) I would feel like an outsider!!
  • Nobody has mentioned Marc Wootton, Jocelyn Jee-Essien or Karen Taylor. Their sketch shows were absolute, utter shite.

    Other than that, Dinnerladies, Big Top and Miranda deserve mention from recent years.
  • I really like mrs browns boys. Oh well. Miranda really is cack though.
  • I loathe panel shows especially QI and Friends.
  • I loathe panel shows especially QI and Friends.

    I had no idea friends was a panel show.

    My top 5 are the liver birds, love thy neighbour, bonjour la class, the peter principle and chewing the fat
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  • Miranda x 5.
  • Mrs Browns Boys
    Mrs Browns Boys
    Mrs Browns Boys
    Mrs Browns Boys
    Mrs Browns Boys

    How can this even be put out on air, total & utter fickin shite
  • Gimme gimme gimme
    Mrs Browns Boys
    Thin blue line.
  • Eastenders............
  • Thin Blue Line - cringeworthy.
    Brittas Empjre - Likewise
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    Last of the Summer Wine
    Goodness gracious me
    Citizen Khan
    My family
  • Hello - my name is **** and I am thick and don't get it...
  • Mrs browns boys
    Citizen khan
    Green green grass
    Lee Nelson
  • Odd Man Out
    In Loving Memory
    Mrs Brown's Boys
    Edge Of Heaven
    Romany Jones

  • Keeping Up Appearances
    Open All Hours
    Last of the Summer Wine
    The Café
    Big Bang Theory
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