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Blackpool v Charlton - Post Match Views

Regardless of who we are playing, Charlton winning 3 and 0 away from home is very unCharltonesque.

Great to get back to winning ways so quickly, look forward to hearing from the travelling thousands !


  • Would have been easy to slip up there Charlton. Although it sounded like a poor game, that's a very professional performance
  • Missed it all - who scored?
  • Great win in a potential banana skin game with arguably a slightly weakened team. Well done boys, 3 more on Saturday please , tho I'd sacrifice that for a win at the toolbox
  • Chrissy Goals scoring against his old club, Churchy boosting his self confidence with another, and a JBG special.

    Sounds a decent evenings work.

  • How many goals have we scored under Luzon now? As cafcnick1992 has already stated that was a very professional performance on a cabbage patch of a pitch. Well done lads!
  • JBG free kick is quality
  • Didn't sound like the prettiest of games, but a win will always be a win! Superb effort from the boys. As mentioned on Twitter. Eagles scored for Blackpool at The Valley, and now scored for Charlton at Bloomfield Road, must be a first. Still yet to see the 2nd or 3rd goals, JBG's sounded like a cracker. Another great 3-0 and another 3 points. Now up to 11th, hopefully we can double up Reading on Saturday, COYA
  • (Slightly) expanded version of my match thread summary:
    Well done Guy, well done players and well done to those brave/foolhardy fans who made it all the way up there. Perfect answer after a disappointing weekend result, bounce back right away and with some style too! You could say its 'only' Blackpool but a convincing win and a decent performance on a dodgy pitch, and to be honest 3-0 is a good result against anyone. Job done, and done well.

    Was slightly alarmed by yet another altered formation/team when it was announced but I suppose that's probably the European style over English 'stick with the winning team' mentality. The changes that are made do work, so while it's perhaps odd to us we are going to have to accept that this is the way that Guy works... and whilst we crank out 3-0 results, then let him!
  • Churchinio getting ready for life in WWE after his contract runs out....

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  • Good win away from home.

    Sir Guy of Luzon shuffled the pack and still got a win.

    Pleased for Church. Maybe not what we need going forward but can't fault his effort.
  • Sad to see what is happening at Blackpool.
  • Great away win, just wish this run started sooner. It's not over till its over but play offs just seem that little out of reach :(
  • JBG free kick is quality

    Have you seen it? Where?
  • Why didn't Sky show our 2nd and 3rd goals. "We show every Championship goal seconds after they go in" Yeah right.
  • Why didn't Sky show our 2nd and 3rd goals. "We show every Championship goal seconds after they go in" Yeah right.

    Link to Blackpool broke down.
  • Its on Facebook JBG goal
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  • Uboat said:

    1StevieG said:

    21 for and 20 against starting from the Watford thrashing....

    Cue ValleyGary v Seth round 12.
    Or 21 for 20 against AB.....After Bob....
  • "Guy Luzon has called Gudmundsson "the David Beckham of the Champonship" in his post-match press conference!"

    Why? Are we going to lose him to America?
  • I feel sorry for Blackpool and their fans, but man, a 3-0 away win on a tuesday is sweet. I begin to feel Church is a bit like a playing versión of Parky. To begin with, he was loathed by everyone, but slowly, people are noticing that although his goals to games ratio is poor, he creates a lot of space for other players and tries hard. He's never gonna be POTY at the Valley, but we've had players who earned more and deserved less tan hi, and despite the stick he gets, he still puts in a shift.

    Despite Churchy's limitations, a fair few of us have always appreciated what he contributes to the team.

    Unfortunately for unselfish grafting forwards like Churchy, most will judge him only on goals scored.
    No doubt clinical finishes and confidence go hand in hand.

  • All good goals
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