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Thinking of going to Toronto for seven nights at the start of November, does anyone have any tips etc. Where to stay? What to do?

I will be going alone, so decent area with night life would be good.

Thanks in advance.



  • The beaver is a good place to start.
    Woody's is also a must go. Enjoy.
  • Go and see the Leafs if you can.
  • I went 15 years ago so only really the CN Tower and the Skydome will be the same, but there were great restaurants at the time. Didn't watch hockey but did see baseball which was good. If you get the chance to go to Niagra then go, but don't spend more than an afternoon there. Great waterfall but dull town.
  • I'm going mid Nov for a week. Doing an overnight stay at Niagara Falls. Nothing planned other that that so far. Staying at the Delta in Toronto.
  • NBA season will have restarted by then, so you could go and watch the Raptors who are currently one of the best teams
  • Take your warmest coat.
  • Its a great city but quite a while since I went so any hotels, bars etc will probably have changed by now. Niagara is a must though as is a trip on lake Ontario
  • Sorry rob. It made me chuckle.
    The beaver sounded promising
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    Go and see the Leafs if you can.

    Blimey! That'll be a real hoot! (But it's only Make Belief)
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  • Go and see the Leafs if you can.

    ...good one

  • Go and see the Leafs if you can.

    They'll be out of playoff contention by November so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a ticket!!
  • Eaton Centre Marriott is a pretty central location
  • Bunch of good hotels in the downtown area. Check out tripadvisor - something for any budget. Most of best bits are close by so within walking distance. CN tower/Rogers Center/ACC etc. It will be cold. I would check out the Raptors & Leafs - tkts from stubhub etc. The Leafs may be playing somebody good!! That said, hockey is a real Canadian tradition, so would say that's a must see. Personally wouldn't go to Toronto for 7 days vacation - nice city, but.....Montreal beats it for night life. Would check out Niagara Falls. Rent car or jump on a bus, nice drive (1.5 hrs).
  • Rob - if you want to walk from your digs to lively areas and downtown bars, clubs, restaurants etc. try to stay in the core area between Spadina (West), Yonge (East), Queen (North) and Lakeshore (South).
    Have a look at and AirBnB for places to stay, they'll give you a good idea of what you can get for your money.
    I'm sure you can find places cheaper to stay than the downtown core, if you do then make sure they're either close to the subway or I guess you can always Uber it.
    Don't miss Niagara, it's a couple of hours or so by train/car/bus from TO so you may want to stay a night down there? There's a good casino there with live shows, you should check out who's playing there if you do stay over.
    The Niagara area also has a lot of vineyards if you enjoy wine and wine tasting?
    Have a look at for TO, there's always a lot of live music in town, you may find a venue/artist you like. There are also theatres if you're into musicals or plays.
    The CN tower has a 360 degree revolving restaurant close to the top if you fancy a dinner overlooking the city. The Manulife Centre has a bar on the 50-something floor where you can also get a good view of the city from it's balconey and windows.
    Also the CN tower has an edgewalk where you can walk around the outside around 1,000 feet in the air!
    Next to the CN tower is a big new aquarium.
    There are lots of craft beers and brewpubs in TO now and for eating out you can find restaurants with food from pretty much every country you can think of..............with prices to suit high-end or not-so-full wallets :smile:
    If you enjoy visiting museums and art galleries, there are a few of those too.
    As others have mentioned, there will be ice hockey and basketball going on, if you can't get a Leafs ticket you can also look out for a ticket for the Marlies, they are the youth team for the Leafs and tickets are cheap and plentiful. You can Google for a multitude of downtown sports bars where you can watch multi-screen sports to your heart's content!
    Check out Wards Island online, you can get a ferry across from downtown (10 minute ride) to look at a community of funky artist-type cottages and houses. there's also a nice restaurant there if you go around lunchtime. There are also boat trips out onto the Lake (Ontario) in the daytime and evening, a couple are restaurant boats I think.
    For getting around have a look at
    I'm not sure about renting motor boats but you can rent out a kayak there shouldn't be too many icebergs to dodge in November :wink:
  • Thank you for all of the info people. Plenty of stuff to do by the looks of it
  • Heading out myself at the end of next month. Used to go to University there, so know the city quite well. We found a place on Airbnb which was not only less expensive but is in an ideal location, just south of Queen St. West, and looks stunning. Excited now!

    Sushi Island is great value, if not exactly precision sushi: $15 all you can eat (Off of College St).
    Worth checking out Kensington Market (a bit of a bohemian area) too (Similar area, off of Spading and China Town).
  • @robroy didn't remember this lasy time.
    It's a link to a monthly Toronto magazine, there is a lot of good info in there, including probably the best online guide to places to eat and drink in TO. Hope it helps.
  • Flights booked!
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  • I'm also going there in November myself
  • I'm also going there in November myself

    Ah good stuff. What dates are you doing? I am first week. Chose my flight home on the saturday so I can watch the Swindon game before I fly haha
  • I'm also there in November but for a work meeting - no fun.
  • robroy said:

    I'm also going there in November myself

    Ah good stuff. What dates are you doing? I am first week. Chose my flight home on the saturday so I can watch the Swindon game before I fly haha
    First week as well, however I don't care for the Swindon game!
  • I live in Hamilton, about 45 minutes west of Toronto, and if any of you on this thread have specific questions about restaurants and that sort of thing, please feel free to inbox me. Generally, the Hockey Hall of Fame is very well done, and will likely be interesting even if you know or care little about hockey. For anyone traveling with kids, apparently the Ripley's Aquarium t the base of the CN Tower is a must, but buy tickets for timed entry in advance.

    CN Tower still impresses, and Leafs or Raptors tickets would be a good idea. A previous poster noted the live music available, and there will be lots. Another previous poster quite rightly pointed out that Montreal is a great city, and that is absolutely true. If you're interested in a couple of days there to get a taste, cheap easy flights via are available from the downtown Toronto Island airport, which would likely be cheaper than the train.

    There are great restaurants in Toronto, to be sure, and the previous mention of the ferry to Toronto Island is a good one, if it's not too cold. Gives a great view of the skyline, which is impressive.

    A lot of what makes Toronto fun for visitors is the simple ability to walk its neighbourhoods. Your interests would dictate this, but Yorkville, Bloor West, Queen West, the Beaches or the Danforth would be worth looking into to see if they might appeal.
  • Good timing this as I am planning a family holiday in Canada next Summer.
  • Definitely stay in an Air Bnb, usually much better value than the hotels. Try Madison as a night out, looks like a house from the outside but is a club inside.
  • Do I need a eTA to get into Toronto?
  • robroy said:

    Do I need a eTA to get into Toronto?

    Yessir. Got mine a few weeks back. Takes about 5 mins online.
  • Arriving later this afternoon and staying for a week if anyone's around.
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