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MK Dons - 4th Apr - Keith Palmer - Club Statement



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    Well done CAFC. It'll be an emotional night
  • Echo the thoughts of above and hopefully a very large crowd can attend.
  • Very well handled and very classy. A great statement @Ollywozere. I hope a lot of people turn out to pay their respects.
  • Well done the club.
  • Well done to those at CAFC who have organised this tribute and thank you
  • Well done the Club on this , good statement
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    Great gesture from the club. Let's fill the Valley to give a true hero a fitting send off
  • I can't be there, but pleased to see that the club can still get some things right. Well done to those who've worked to sort this out.
  • Pitched just right from the club, I think. Will be there
  • Yes, well done to the club. Myself and @DaveStorry will be in attendance with our dad @Redmidland.
  • Very good
  • A fitting tribute. Well done to all at the club who worked on this and I look forward to being there next Tuesday to honour Keith's memory. A true hero
  • Very happy about this. I hope it does Keith's family proud.
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  • It would be great to fill the valley to both show respect and defiance and to raise as much money for the family as possible. I'll be surprised if we get close to 20k though. Or am I underestimating people's support for a cause like this?
  • I haven't been for 18 months but I will be there.
  • Well done Charlton and @Ollywozere

    Will be there with my son to show our respects to a true hero.
  • This is what we're about as a club fantastic well done people
  • Will get myself a ticket for this. Boycott on hold for one game. Rip Keith Palmer.
  • Fantastic by the club. Will be an emotionally charged night.

  • Well done the club. Can't be there but will be in spirit.
    RIP Keith
  • Great gesture. Will be getting a ticket, first time I've bought a ticket for a home game since October 2015 - Luzon's last game. So nice to be proud of the club again. I do hope though, that the other three innocent lives will be remembered on the night as part of the minutes silence.
  • Well done all at Charlton hope we fill the stadium.
  • Like to think that this could be splashed all over the media, including Jeff Stelling etc. For you in the know get it out there.
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