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Charlton v AFC Wimbledon post-match views 28/10/17



  • It was Kids for a Quid today which may have swelled the numbers.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Kashi can miss Truro and not Fulham but I wonder why the checkatrade game doesn't count for league 1 teams in terms of suspensions. I imagine if you get sent on in one, you miss league games
  • Win is s win. They came for the point
  • Holmes is dragging us kicking and screaming to a higher level, hopefully promotion

    Marshall looked the part in his brief appearance,

    rest look a bit tired
  • Poor game, great goal.

    Wimbledon are a horrible team, systematic fouling, got what they deserved.

    Marshall looked good when he came on and Sarrs height definitely helps.

    Just get the sale done Rolly and make us all happy.
  • As others have said, it was not a pretty game. I wasn't impressed with Clarke and more generally, our movement off the ball was incredibly static, we just didn't seem to be creating any space for each other.
    Saying that, Wimbledon were very speedy and aggressive at closing us down, and that style of play very nearly paid off for them.

    Thought Marshall looked very good when he came on and Konsa was very impressive throughout too. And what about that tackle from DaSilva when they were 2 against 1 on the edge of our box in the first half? Great composure in winning the ball.
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  • Valley11 said:
    Shortest highlights ever. Sums the game up really.
  • Keeper should have least got a hand on the shot, defenders didn't look happy with him! Ho hum...
  • we just deserved it thanks to another Holmes blockbuster in a mediocre game .. the wombles came for a point and nearly went away with one, they worked their socks off and shut us down all over the pitch and we just came through

    It's a mark of a good/fortunate team that it can win this type of game whilst not playing very well .. I think our luck is good right now and we must take advantage of it and march on and upwards ..

    All our players were decent without one especially outstanding performance .. Marshall had a good run out and he will be a major asset ..

    I have one puzzle I need solving .. why is Sarr not starting ? ..
  • Very flat performance lit up by a typically brilliant Holmes goal (the only shot on target by either side which sums it up!)

    However a sign of a good side maybe that we can grind out a 1-0 win in such circumstances - awful error by Konsa nearly gifted them a point though and won't have impressed any scout watching.

    Has our fixed formation made us too predictable? KR moved players around within it several times but do we have a plan B?
  • Not a thing of great beauty but we found a way to win and, in the final analysis, that is all that matters. Not for the first time, the Rickster (the Essex version) bailed us out.

    Wimbledon have been having a tough time this season and they were fully entitled to come to the Valley, park the bus and try and nick something from a set play. They certainly won’t be the last to deploy those tactics. It is, however, always satisfying when blatant time wasting comes back to haunt the enemy.

    After a pretty bland and turgid first half, we had a good spell at the start of the second period but then seemed to lose our way and Wimbledon threatened for the first time, with the muscly and shin-padless centre back blasting a good chance over before we finally made the breakthrough.

    I thought we were reasonably solid at the back and Kashi offered good protection in front of the back four. We had some promising moments down the flanks but looked pretty powder puff down the centre of attack and I thought that Josh turned in a weak performance. A very encouraging cameo from Mark Marshall, though, who showed both his quality and experience.

    Overall, an excellent three points. Assuming that the Shrewsbury game is postponed, there will now be a week or two (or three) for most of the first eleven to recharge their batteries for the next raft of league fixtures. Happy days.
  • edited October 2017
    Average 1st half against mediocre opposition.
    upped the ante in the 2nd half and got a deserved 1 nil win !

    We will need another 18 clean sheets this season to finish in the top 2
    (Bolton only conceded 36 last season and their top scorer had 12 ish.

    We can't keep relying on Fosu, Holmes and JFC to score from midfield

    Didn't loose our shape and stayed calm.

    Massive 3 points as looked like ending 0-0

    "Would have lost this match last season!"

  • First half was poor. Lucky to go in at half time 0-0. Our sole efforts were 4 x wasted free kicks and 1 scuffed shot well wide.

    Second half both sides really gave it a go. Clear to me that Robinson told the squad to close them down and challenge them more. We were lucky the back header from our defender hit the bar and bounced clear rather than went in for what would have been a spectacular own goal.

    So: lucky win.

    Ardley has got AFC Wimbledon playing in a replica of how Wimbledon FC used to play in the '80's/'90's. Team of heavily built tall very physical players. Lots of long balls. Not sure they'll get much further than where they are today with that style now.
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  • RedChaser said:

    RedChaser said:

    What was attendance today?

    Think I heard somewhere it was a little over 10,000
    Cheers, must have have been at least 1500 away fans I assume.
    Yes. That sounds about right.
  • A third of the way through the season.

    Injuries no where near recent times and players pushing to get a start with competition.

    We do have a little strength in depth in most positions.

    Standout for NO cover is big Josh, cover him in January with someone decent for this level and we will no doubt be in the mix at the death.

    The regime have not been in this position before other than the gilt edge chance they had for Prem football when they took over - we all know how royally they fooked that up....

    For me, this will show us their real ambition ( if still here) during the transfer window in January.

    I'm not holding my breath....
  • Great win well done Charlton
  • AFC Wimbledon definitely had the best chance in that game. It's so easy to lean back when trying to get a quick shot away.
  • I hate the expression pwr but that's what I'm gonna do.
    I was at the match today and it was bang average.
    First half was truly awful and I mean awful.

    I said to my mate at half time this game will be won or lost by a moment of brilliance or a mistake by someone.

    Second half both teams tried to have a go
    And then riiiìiiiiiiiicaaay He truly is different class in this division.
    15 games 30 points
    Start believing people
  • I am actually starting to EXPECT us to win.
  • No classic, but an excellent three points from us today. Although it was a tight old game - we were pretty stifled by the dons closing us down - I never really felt worried that they'd score. I think we could have worked harder for each other off the ball though.

    With players like Ricky, Fosu (and now Marshall who looked great!) on the pitch, I always feel we have a goal in us.
    And I had the very real pleasure of whispering to my German Wimbledon supporting friend, 'Ricky's going to pop this in the top corner', just before he did.

    That, and the very nice lunch overlooking the river with @SE7toSG3 and Nick from the Museum (as well as meeting @Weegie Addick) made for a very enjoyable day.
  • Dull game but worth the three hour return drive just for that goal.
    Shame we didn’t score a bit earlier as I think we would have marmalised them.
    Really liking Tariq and Naby Sarr and our defence looking solid.
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