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Ohhhhh Jeremy Corrrrrrbyn

You asked for it, you’ve got it.

Is he the messiah, or a very naughty boy? Let’s try to keep things civil, as other labour threads have been locked and sunk!


  • Thankyou... my own thread!

    When I told Diane she was over the moon.
  • Keep things civil, and back our claims with evidence from reputable sources! This will be fun!
  • He’s a different voice, not tied to big business. Not sure about his approach to Brexit, but then I am a remainer!
  • It's a disgrace that he's stolen Nicky Ajose's song
  • what is this all about? just checked news and can't see anything ?
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  • He's caring.
    He's empathetic.

    That should see him as king, let alone the next PM.
  • We can get on to the links with dictatorships and overseas terrorists later.
  • Ut eerr. You gonna take that Leith?
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  • Ut eerr. You gonna take that Leith?

    I think it's 'Keith'.
  • bobmunro said:

    Ut eerr. You gonna take that Leith?

    I think it's 'Keith'.
    Funny that, so does my spell check
  • Evidence 1. Corbyn hosts terrorist in the house of commons and is rebuked by his own party for doing so.

    "Donald Dewar, the Labour Chief Whip, read the riot act individually to three Labour MPs - Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn, and Alan Simpson - in his room off the members' lobby.

    The Chief Whip said it was a matter of some sensitivity. It had been drawn to his attention the MPs had put the House at some considerable and unacceptable risk.

    A Labour source said: "He had been informed by the security services that people with Mitchell McLaughlin were directly involved with the IRA or connected with the IRA. He said this House had been the target in the past and could well be in the present and the future."

    Which Blair did in the end anyway, for good.
  • Corbyn is no more a realistic solution to this nation's many ills than indulgence in cake and lager is to obtaining washboard abs.

  • I'll see your Cornyn and raise you Abbott and Thornberry
  • Just do what they do here in Oz, and make it up as you go along.
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