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Post-match Thread: Accrington Stanley v Charlton Athletic| Sat 1 May 2021| 3pm

Well, a last minute goal from Chuks brings us level and somewhat salvages a miserable afternoon.

We never got going and seemed content, and in my opinion, even directed to hoof the ball forward at every opportunity. 

We never looked like scoring from open play, but from set pieces we had a chance. Chuks got on the end of one and brought us level with the last kick of the game.

We’re in a poor run of form, no doubt.

Over to you.


  • brain dead footballers 
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    We look so tentative in the past few matches. Are we scared to make mistakes?
  • Bottlers. Hoof hoof hoof, ball was like a hot potato. 
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    Minto..... “Accrington is one of the toughest places to go “.   shut up Minto ..... what the fuck...... 
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  • errrr .. we are STILL in there but now depend on others fucking up .. start (or carry on) praying sisters and brothers
  • Dog shite again. If Adkins finds any positives from that performance apart from the equaliser, then the geezer is a chatlatan.
  • Horrible game to watch. No creativity, just pump it long and Stanley do this kind of thing better than us. Lucky point imo.
  • We drew 1-1 here two seasons ago when we got promoted. It’s the stereotypical horrible game up north with swirling wind and bobbly pitch that Charlton have never done well in. 

    It’s not today’s result that’s done us in - it’s the dropped points at home against Gillingham, Burton, Plymouth, Rochdale, Swindon...
    Regrettably, absolutely spot on.
  • Adkins doesn't seem to have much of a plan B. Ipswich dragged on with no changes, today we tried something new on the 92nd minute. I get he has a limited squad  but he seems to have frozen some players out  when you'd expect a shake up.
  • Very poor match. Not a lot to say, not sure whether that goal makes any difference. 

    Only thing I disagree with on the match thread is that the players aren’t trying or don’t care. I genuinely think they are just a limited squad and don’t have the quality in the final third. Overall, probably a well earned point. Need back to back wins to have any hope.
  • I'd say it's the shape and the mindset from the start that fucked us today, was in our hands.

    Gilbey got 90mins do me a favour what's he watching.

    JFC just can't weight a pass

    Gunter looking likes hes playing his first 11 a side game. 

    Morgan, our most creative player gets 3 fucking minutes...

    That was a joke of a performance. 
  • Utter rubbish 
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    Season over, let’s move on. 

    Spend summer training our centre backs not to try to win 50/50’s when the risk of losing the challenges leads to a goal. 3 goals last 3 games. Pearce and now Akin. 

    Awful game and poor season, ran out of steam and ideas. 

  • All this talk of Portsmouth, even if they slip up Oxford have Burton at home with a better goal difference... No chance 
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    Fair play to Accrington, nothing to play for and a limited battling team but they battled all of the way through there.  For some reason we decided to out battle Accrington rather than just play our own game.  Such a disappointing performance; take JFC off set pieces, give Shinnie a go and start Chuks.

    i can see Accrington get something from Pompey but Oxford wont slip up and i struggle to see us winning both ours.  Just have to hope we beat Lincoln to at least take it to the last game.

    i know he has a year left on his contract but i never want to see Gunter in our team again, utterly woeful footballer
  • Got dragged into their hoof ball game and they're better at it than we are. 
  • Same old tripe. We’ve looked poor all season, even the Plymouth trouncing we were terrible at the start and it was only that OG that really put us in control. The only games I can think of where we’ve looked decent all season are Pompey and Ipswich away in the autumn. 45 mins against Wimbledon.

    The players haven’t been good enough BUT the squad is in my view definitely good enough to be comfortably in the play offs and the managers both Bowyer and Adkins have been poor too - I simply cannot understand the chronic underuse of Aneke who scores every single match, has looked perfectly fit since December and makes a huge difference to how threatening we look whenever he’s on the pitch. 

    aneke (unlikely)
    morgan, shinnie and Washington as squad options

    rest can do one, new squad for next season. 
  • That was painful to watch

    Minto and Curbs worrying about Pompey but we are 6 goals worse than Oxford there’s no way we will make that up if they win

    We will finish 8th and frankly that’s where we probably should be 
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