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Post-match Thread: Charlton Athletic v Ipswich Town | Tuesday 7 December 2021

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Charlton played host to fellow league underachievers Ipswich under the lights with a chance to continue the upward momentum under Jacko. Having sacked their manager last week, of course, this could have been the proverbial banana skin. The visitors were off to the better start, but we were well organised and they were unable to trouble us. We soon found our feet going forward and thus began the carve open! Hard work from Washington secured an opportunity for Stockley to put us one nil up.

On another night, we could have had six goals. I’ll leave everyone to fill in the individual moments below, but nonetheless, if it weren’t for their keeper, it would have been “Addicks to Victory” early on. Fortunately for them, their keeper kept them in it well into the second half. We were by far the better side.

We kept the league’s highest scorers to no shots on target through the ninety minutes. It’s hard to pick out moments. It was a team performance and I’m happy for both Stockley and Gilbey for their goals. Gilbey’s in particular broke the tension of only being one nil up; with former players Bonne leading the line and Piggot having just come on, the writing was on the wall for an unholy equaliser. But Gilbey broke through, after chasing back and breaking up an Ipswich attack and then bursting forward to carve open a chance that he ultimately slipped past the keeper and his lucky pair of gloves. The passion was palpable, with Gilbey running over to celebrate with Jacko, Euelly, and the rest of the team and staff.

But my standout performance was Conor Washington. He was a threat all night and had their backline at sixes and sevens every time he turnt and ran at them. He affected the game in a number of ways which would be hard to account for in a spreadsheet. The only negative is that he wasn’t rewarded with a goal of his own.

Another “clean sheet win!”

Over to you. 


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    Some of our play was reminiscent of our decent football played in the Championship. 

    Well done all. No unnecessary moaning please almighty Charlton fans.
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    Absolutely excellent after we scored. We were everywhere. Could have had four or five if not for their keeper and some profligate finishing. I didn't know how we'd do after some stale performances the last couple weeks, but what a performance. 

    Just look at that opening goal. Pressing, hunting in packs, very tidy football, great pass from Dobbo, great work from Connor, great following up from Stockers. 

    After Friday I said that Thomas might have been a bit savvy waiting to give Jacko the job until after the new manager bounce wore off. It wore off. And today was a top class performance. 

    Give him the job. 
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    Sloppy start but we grew into that and deserved the points. Gilbey I thought was excellent 
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    Brilliant result. 

    Addicks to victoryyyyyyyy
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    Fantastic second half. Too many good performances to single anyone out, they were all excellent. I thought Lee was having a bit of a mare, then he splices the defence open with one pass for the second goal. It's Jacko's job.
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    Really enjoyed that, superb team performance. Could have been more comfortable but Ipswich were surprisingly poor. They looked like us under Adkins. Hard to pick out one player for us but Dobson ran things for us, superb performance. 
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    Wasn’t there tonight , but almost faultless from every player. Battered them for 65 minutes and only criticism was that we didn’t score more. Washington, Stockley, Gilbey, Famewo all exceptional. Loved the celo for the second goal with Jackson. Better performance than the Plymouth game for me, up the reds
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    Great performance by us, all over the pitch everyone had a good game. 
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    Really good performance apart from the opening 15 min. Amazing energy but I was worried that a lapse in concentration or fatigue would donate an equaliser. Thankfully the Coup de Grace from Gilbey ( great energy and finish) resolved the issue.
    Ipswich were outplayed and their goalie had a great match. Could have been six. Well spent tenner!
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