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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Cambridge United | Saturday 11th December 2021

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The first half could be termed scrappy, but I think we limited their chances and were worth a one nil advantage going into half time. In cold and wet conditions throughout, we weathered Cambridge’s advances, but we lacked rhythm in possession and that allowed Cambridge to break up play and prod forward. Our attacking play wasn’t as fluid as it has been under Jacko, until well into the second half.

In the second half, Cambridge had their chances, but they didn’t impress me much. They put in a grinding performance that ultimately fell short. Perhaps if they spent less energy on trying to draw fouls and cards from a referee open to their suggestions, they’d have capitalised on their opportunities to better effect.

For me, Washington put in a man-of-the-match performance last week to power us to a 2-0 win over Ipswich. But he was unable to score himself. This week, he bagged two for his efforts. He’s playing with confidence and that’s lifting the whole team.

To win when you’re a little out of rhythm is crucial if we’re going to sustain our challenge to finish in the playoff positions.

Taking three points, we climb the league again and a clean sheet should inspire continued confidence.

Charlton Athletic 2 Cambridge United 0


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    edited December 2021
    Bit of a stripey jumper job. Funny to think that the scoreline tonight is the same as the scoreline from Tuesday. Where we showed immense quality on Tuesday, we just battled and hung on and relied on Macca and won again. Excellent three points.

    Now appoint Jacko. 
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    Awful game.

    Shit ref.

    Scummy oppo.

    Two goals.

    Three points.

    Jacko Party Bus rolls ever onward.
    & clean sheet  :D
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    Needed that with Doncaster getting three points. Safety first. Not far to go. Like Dad used to say to me, "if you can't be good, be careful". Were today. End of January, time for hopeful dreaming?

    An aside, why are we paying licence fees to BBC when there are zero updates on BBC Sport? BBC...... Boris Bungled Crap? 

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    HMS Piss the League - Captain Jackson must be appointed. 
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    Chunes said:
    Jesus, what a scummy team they were. They actually managed to rifle me up. The play-acting (going down grabbing their faces), the crowding of the ref over simple tackles, the BLATANT dive in the box that went unpunished... It was ridiculous. 

    At 85 mins I felt we were lucky not to be losing, so I'm not sure what to make of it as a game. Scumbridge had the better chances and created two clear one-on-one among others. I thought it was a poor performance from us, to be honest, but we did win 2-0 at the end so it's a weird one. On another day we're 3-1 down going into the final 5 minutes. 

    It was a really crappy game of football and we carried a lot of players today. Under another manager we'd have crumbled and lost so give him the job. 

    Side note, Jackson clearly does not rate some of these players on the bench because we had some tired bodies out there and the replacements were not coming on. 

    To be fair most of us fans don't rate them either.

    But on a serious note i'd say that's my only gripe against Jackson so far, as he does seem to take ages over his subs. Cost us at Morecambe i felt when we looked tired and he should've made changes 5-10 minutes before their equaliser.
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    Since they played us Plymouth have nosedived - very strange what’s gone on there
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    Yeah as good as Gilbey was Tuesday he looked well off the boil today. Consistency is what holds players back at this level and it was fairly visible today. Anyway, role on next week.
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    Since they played us Plymouth have nosedived - very strange what’s gone on there
    Lost their manager now as well
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    What a horrid game. Thought we looked a bit tired but that’s understandable, CM made a couple of very good saves to keep us ahead.
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    These are games that need winning if you want playoffs. Bump and grind the results and points. Not too long before window opens. Some good business in January and who knows. 
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