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Where will we finish next year?



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    CH4RLTON said:
    I think this year we are bit more ahead in terms having had a slightly better preseason/ transfer window but I think the new style/manager will take time to bed in. I predict a slow start then a good run, ultimately falling short of the play offs and finishing around 8th to 10th but hopefully we will then build on that next year
    Counterintuitive as it maybe the last 4 or 5 times we have dramatically changed the shape/system the improvement has been immediate.  Admittedly its normally reverted back to the mean (mainly crap) quite quickly.

    Almost all our players are British, under 30, and have come through academy football at some level.  The coaching, system and style aren't going to be culturally alien to them.

    There might need to be some bedding in, especially for players added after the season has started, but I doubt its going to be a case of 10 games to understand/execute the game plan.
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    Heart tells me 6th head tells me 9th
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    Goals and injuries once again the issue.
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    As it stands 10th
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