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Karoy Anderson

Deserves his own thread. Been very impressive this pre-season.



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    Speaks very well - Really need to get Contract negotiations under way. 

    Cant have a repeat of Aribo or Grant with this lad

    Can only hope we have the option of an additional year at the end of his current deal, but there is nothing saying as much in the article about him signing a pro deal until 2024.

    Think its him vs McGrandles for a place on the bench come Leyton Orient, and to be honest Id give it to Karoy
    I would have them both on the bench and send Henry out on loan
    Dont see a space for Henry either. 

    If I had to pick a team for Leyton Orient it would be... 

    Jones - Hector - Ness
    Egbo - Camara - Dobson - Fraser - CBT
    May - Campbell 

    M-B - Thomas - Asiimwe - Anderson - Payne - Kirk - Kanu

    Maybe McGrandles for Kirk or Kanu, but would still want two "attacking" options available until we can bring in a better Striker
  • On the subject of the thread topic: I have been very impressed. First thoughts were that he looks good but that it might be because he's so physically developed that he's able to bully younger and less experienced pros a bit. But he just keeps popping up in the right place, and that goal yesterday was brilliant. 

    I still don't think he's there defensively or positionally, so I think a loan this year might do him good. But as with Asiimwe, if he sticks around for the first half of the season, plays all the cup games, and maybe comes off the bench a few times in the league, I'd be alright with that. You can send him to the National League at any point, or see where you are in December/January with him to determine his next move. 
  • Anderson & Asiimwe are gonna take us to Wembley via the pizza cup this season.

    @oohaahmortimer can’t wait.
    Need to save these good ones for the league 
    stick Albie Morgan , Bonne , Henry & co in the pizza tasting competition 
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  • aliwibble said:
    Erm, OohAah, you do know that Morgan and Bonne have gone, don't you?
    Only a bar of Cadbury's and a bowl of custard makes Oohaaah happy. :smile:

  • DH is a fan… 👀 think we might get to see a lot of Karoy this season

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    SDAddick said:

    Rah the boy’s media trained 👀 I nearly spat out my tea when he said “intrinsically”. Well spoken @k_aando

    — Mandela Egbo (@mandela_e) July 23, 2023

    😂😂😂🙌🏽 very well spoken

    — Michael Hector (@Big_Hec35) July 23, 2023
    I love Manny Egbo so much. Just seems like a lovely guy. There aren't a lot of footballers that I'd like to spend an afternoon with, but I bet he'd be great company. I bet he'd ask how you were doing. 
    I have absolutely no inside knowledge whatsoever but I'd be willing to bet Egbo is a popular guy in the squad, one of those Powell type "characters" whose contribution goes way beyond the pitch.

    But so as to not derail into an Egbo thread, Anderson looks like the real deal to me. And like Leaburn last season, him being a big lad will probably help him if he does break-through. 
  • like most of us I've only seen the brief highlights and read the rave reviews on here .. he is a big, skilful young unit and I hope he can be signed up to a long contract a s a p
  • Reminds me of Conor Gallagher
  • Well a goal vs Milwall is always a good thing to have on the resume, even in a friendly.
  • He looks like a more raw Joe Aribo with a better passing range, give the kid a long deal
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  • He finally misplaced a pass a moment ago.

    Think its the first time he's done it this Pre-Season
  • Need to get him on a longer deal asap. Even with the Taylor signing imminent I would still have Anderson around the squad. 
  • I don't see much similarity between Anderson and Aribo myself. Be great to wrap up a new contract asap.
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  • Sounds exciting, please let’s get him on a longer term deal!
  • What I love about them both is how strong they are! Can see them both holding their own in League One and being huge assets for us this season!
  • I think Karoy will learn a lot being an understudy to Camara. Similar playing style. Anderson clearly has the talent required to make it.
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