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Is Holden under pressure?

4 straight defeats, soft goals conceded, is this due to the manager or are the players letting him down?


  • He's mates with all the people above him no? That's why he came in the first place. 
  • Has he lost the dressing room?
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  • No. It would cost money to replace him.
  • SDAddick said:
    In short, yes. I'm going to be obnoxious and quote myself from the match thread, but I think it's worth pointing out that this squad, unbalanced and unfinished though it is, would be the envy of most teams in this league. Do you think Holden is getting the best out of players, let alone improving them? Does he have a system that makes this team equal to, if not greater than, the sum of its parts?

    For me the answer is no to both, and couple that with three straight losses in the league, questions should be asked in the boardroom about whether he's the right man for the club right now. I think he's a good firefighter but I am in no way convinced he can build a winning system. 

    After their second Holden and Senda just sat there looking shocked. Even now he doesn't look like he's recovered. 

    Over the last two weeks I've constantly thought about what the Not Top 20 podcast said: Charlton made some excellent signings, and the biggest question is how good is Dean Holden?

    Obviously injuries are a huge problem at the moment, but I don't feel like this side has an identity. We're not possession, we're not hoofball, we're not strong defensively, we're not counter attack, we're kind of a little of everything and a lot of nothing. We seen to just hope that our quality will outshine theirs. 

    Dean seems like a lovely guy and a great ambassador. But I have serious questions about his tactical abilities. We lump the ball into the channels and bypass the midfield a lot, and that takes our strongest part of the team out of the game. We have four good L1 CBs and we don't defend well. worried. I wonder how patient the new owners will be. 

    This sums it up really well. Feels like there’s a lack of identity at the moment 
  • Don't think it really matters with the squad we've got 
  • If Jackson has started to come good at Wimbledon then isn’t there something in giving people time?
    Yes but only if they are any good 
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  • edited August 19
    To those saying the squad isn't good enough or wildly imbalanced, how many squads are drastically better than ours? I would say a handful at most. Yes, we need depth at FB and up front, but we have a lot of quality in this squad. Injuries, and injuries in the same areas (center forward, center mid) are a much bigger issue. But this is not a three points from four games (three at home) level squad. 
  • Not sure you can blame the manager for the individual errors we keep seeing that are leading to goals. Not saying Holden is up to the job as I really don’t know but the players need to sort their shit out imo
  • Yes, he’s under pressure, this lot won’t spend, so they out him and start again, saving their arses for a while.
  • I honestly don’t see what any other individual would do with this current crop of players! 

    It’s frustrating because I really like the look of our youngsters, every single one of them!
  • As far as I'm concerned, it's not Holdens fault. He can only work with what's in front of him and at the moment unfortunately, due to injuries and a lack of players coming in, we are a long way away from where we need to be.

    Investment is needed, but obviously we need the players we want, not just panic buys such as the josh parkers of this world. If Leaburn, Fraser, Camara were all fit plus 4/5 signings to strengthen the first 18 then we wouldn't be losing these games. 

    We have been playing some good football but sloppy mistakes at the back are costing us, as are not taking our opportunities in front of goal. 

    It's frustrating but definitely not Holdens fault
  • Another pony yes man manager. It’s ok though he buys everyone beers in the oak like sandgaard did with his wanky guitar.  The shitfest continues 
  • He’s on the hot seat from me personally just due to the shite style of football he wants them to play. 
  • Deans not been fully backed, I’m not convinced the cavalry (recruits) are coming.
  • If these owners are serious I think he is. Looking at the options out there at the minute. There are better.
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