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Heartfelt Thanks to All Lifers

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I posted a short 'thank you' on the Cancer thread last week, I had received some get well cards completely out of the blue.
Over the weekend and today myself and Angie have received more cards and a present, which has humbled and gobsmacked the pair of us!! So I decided to post this, so you all know, how much this has meant to us; it shows CL for all the good it does, despite the occasional bickering!
There are too many to mention by 'avatar' name, but I only know a couple of you personally, Angie has never met any of you and I don't know 99% of you!!
This is an ;act of human kindness' we never hear about nowadays, it has been an emotional few days, that's for sure.
We have no idea who organised this - BUT thank you so very very much to each and everyone of you, for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.
As a quick update, my health problems have worsened slightly in the last 48 hours, I lost my balance on Saturday night and collapsed on the floor hitting a radiator on my way down. Thankfully Angie was with me and after a couple of minutes I made it back into bed. That said, I was ok other than shook up a little bit.
My second session (of 8) of chemo starts this Wednesday for 15 days, so I wont be on here very often due to how badly I react, sadly, to the treatment.
However I will update whenever I can, but hopefully we can all meet up for a pint or two when I get back to the Valley next season, as I doubt I'll make it this one.
Until then, please accept this post as mine and Angie's heartfelt thanks xx
Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy xx
Malc xx


  • "Angie has never met any of you and I don't know 99% of you!!" 

    "Ahem, so it wasn't memorable but to be forgotten so soon" ;) x

  • T_C_E said:
    "Angie has never met any of you and I don't know 99% of you!!" 

    "Ahem, so it wasn't memorable but to be forgotten so soon" ;) x

    You're excluded! Xx 😄 
  • All the very best Malc.
  • All the best mate. 
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    All the very best mate, as you say the CL family is special in so many ways, hopefully you can get back to The Valley soon as👍
  • Wishing you the very best in the coming weeks.
    Great post.
  • All the best mate
  • Carry on carrying on mate.
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    All the best Red.
    Currently over in Alicante looking after the MiL who is in a similar predicament.
    Keep fighting.
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  • Best wishes to you RM.
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    The person in the photo above the cabinet has very mismatched legs.

    All the best RM.
  • I spot mine.
    I hope it made you giggle.
    @TCE was a bit worried 😂😂🥳🥳
  • Sorry I missed the original thread and so sorry to hear about your condition RM. I really hope the treatments get rid of the awful thing inside of you and you make a full recovery ASAP. All the best, Mike
  • Photo as promised

    Do we have to guess what the whole picture / canvas on the wall is? 

    It’s intriguing me ! 🙂
  • Dog with a rosette is my guess?
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  • That’s when the dog grabbed the boner…….ouch!!!
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    Dog with a rosette is my guess?
    That's a part of a huge canvass of 'Anchaz Cinna' she was our GSD who starred alongside Jim Carey in Kick Ass 2. She was winning a best in show Rosette.  Gone but never ever forgotten xx
    The same dog as in the picture (grrr) that @TCE posted above. 😉
  • I’ve kept that photo on the mantle, it keeps the dogs away from the fire! 😉
  • Good luck red. May I humbly suggest you look into getting reiki sessions, they're provided by the NHS, and as a practitioner who's worked in a cancer wellness centre, I can say first hand that it will be of benefit to you. 
  • Be strong. Take care. 

    We sit behind you!!  See you soon 
  • Just a small update, my chemo for today postponed for 7 days as blood tests have come back with raised potassium levels. I've also been asked to get a COVID test in next couple of days by my Oncologist....oh well that's life I suppose!
  • You been eating too many bananas RM? I'm sorry to hear it's been postponed, fingers crossed it'll be all systems go next week.
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