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POST-MATCH THREAD: Lincoln City vs Charlton Athletic: Tuesday 24th October 2023 | KO 7:45pm

Unbeaten under Appleton, Charlton got off to a bright start at his former club, opening the scoring on nine minutes when Scott Fraser played a beauty of a pass through to Tyreece Campbell cutting into the box. Campbell’s cross was parried right into the pouncing Alfie May who was able to turn it into the back of the net. Charlton continued to dominate for the next twenty minutes, when the wheels then fell off. Lincoln worked themselves back in and scored on 33 minutes to take us into the half honours even.

The second half was all Lincoln. Charlton just weren’t able to get a foothold. Changes were made, but Charlton lacked energy and failed to win their individual battles. Lincoln outworked us tonight, scoring on 57’ and then 78’, and proved why they’re a tough side to break down at home.

Lincoln City 3 Charlton 1

Over to you.


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    Missed chuks
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    It was an opponent which suited Aneke. 
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    Think we are allowed One bad game a month and that's it!!.
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    Dog. Shit.
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    Setting aside post match analysis, am currently pissing myself laughing at Brownie whinging about Curbs whacking him on the arm during the analysis of the goals.
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    edited October 2023
    shocking performance by so many, including the manager, we’ve got our Charlton back, didn’t take long.

    Midfield is so weak defensively, the two wingers give no cover and can’t tackle may get away with that at home, not away.

    Defensively all over the place.

    Mid table mediocrity again I reckon, we don’t show enough bollocks away from home, just roll over and let them shag us.
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    edited October 2023
    An expected Tuesday night away performance from us but doesn’t make it any less disappointing to lose like that against a team that was level on points before tonight and basically had no attacking options available. Could micro analyse everyone’s performance but long story short they were all terrible after the 30th minute, especially those who’ve looked good off the bench in recent weeks.

    Get Watson back in midfield on Saturday and start Tedic so we can at least have Leaburn on a a sub where he plays better. Not having Aneke means we’re going to find it a lot harder to bail ourselves out of bad performances.
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    Reality Check. With a capital R and C.

    Just when I thought we looked like making a good run at promotion we put in a pitiful performance like that.

    I wonder if Appleton will think that his decision to drop T Watson and Louie Watson was right?

    Hector, Thomas and Asiimwe were all awful.

    And why, when we offered no threat up front after the first 20 mins, did we not bring Tedic on to play up front with Leaburn?

    Blackett-Taylor did nothing all night and hobbled off. No doubt he'll now be out injured. 

    Maynard-Brewer the only one who can hold his head up tonight.

    I hate Charlton at times like this!

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    We reverted to too much youth in the starting lineup again... away... and paid the price

    Need a bounce back on Sat
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    Back 4 were shocking. Well done Ashley for keeping it respectable.
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    Hector poor, dobbo very poor, Thomas shocking. Leaburn couldn’t get into the game at all.
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    edited October 2023
    For me it was a hundred percent a selection mistake by Appleton tonight. We can’t be playing that type of front four away from home and expecting a result. Im certain that neither Leaburn, May, Campbell or CBT made a single tackle or inception throughout the 90 min. Always going to be hard defensively when so little pressure on the ball from the attackers. For however good Rak-Sayki was with the ball he is a million times better than them without it.

    opening 20 mins was good when we were able to knock the ball around, but once Lincoln got back into the game they dominated from them on. No
    doubt that L Watson is significantly ahead of Fraser in the pecking order atmo.

    A reminder how promotion from league 1 isn’t bout just playing nice football. Got to have a toughness about us which we are seriously lacking at times. 
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    How many sides serious about promotion have an away record as bad as ours? Some of the performances out there were shocking, unacceptable standard. 
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    Played the XI that most of the fanbase wanted and it didn’t work out… having Leaburn and Campbell coming off the bench has completely changed games for us.

    Wasn’t the same bringing on Chem and Tedic.

    A bit of credit to Lincoln who looked very hungry and outfought us from 15-20 minutes onwards. Their fans seem impressed by the caretaker after two wins in two.
    But we started well & went ahead. A good team would have then gone on to win. But we then went backwards & let in 3. 

    How many times have we done the reverse ?  Conceded first & then won 3-1. Not many !

    And for the couple of posters who had a dig at me on the match thread right at the end about me being negative. We have 2 tough games coming up. It's not inconceivable that we lose them both. And if we do we will be no more than 4 points of the bottom 4. 

    It's not being negative it's being realistic. 
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    Probably not as different from recent performances as results would have you think- once again its 20 odd minutes of looking dangerous and competent and the rest looking like, well, Charlton - difference is we did "the good bit" early and then collapsed, instead of the usual slow start, strong finish.

    Appleton gets a chance to show what he can do, he's got to pick them up and quickly - over to you Mick.

    If we react well then it was "just" a bad day at the office but the fear has to be that the bubble has burst, the genies out of the bottle and we go completely to pieces over the next few games...
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