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Middlesbrough v Charlton | Sat 31 Oct | 3pm KICK-OFF | Match Preview, Predictions, News & Views

Middlesbrough v Charlton Athletic
Saturday 31 October 2015 … 3pm Kick-Off
Referee: Andrew Madley (West Yorkshire)


@ForeverAddickted puffs out his checks, sighs and stares blankly at the blinking cursor on his computer screen, witty lines and thoughts fail him as he prepares the latest Match Preview. I guess you could start by saying it’s not been the most of productive weeks at Charlton (or on CharltonLife), last Saturday, the Addicks lost their second home game on the trot (3-0 against Brentford for those who may have managed to forget) and with the dust still settling on the Valley pitch changes were afoot, not two hours after the final whistle, Guy Luzon would be sacked as Charlton Head Coach, leaving Charlton rudderless and relegation threatened.

Unfortunately Football is like any Sport, it has no pity, no remorse, and it won’t allow you any time for reflection, whether you’re the Footballer or the Fan, you have to dust yourself down, forget what has happened in the past and look to the future, that future, the next chapter that is Charlton Athletic begins this Saturday, against Middlesbrough.

The Opposition
Name: Middlesbrough | Manager: Aitor Karanka
Ground: Riverside Stadium | Nickname: The Boro

Middlesbrough… A club from the North East formed in 1876, long before their rivals; Newcastle and Sunderland came into existence, in the beginning there was of course light, but in addition there were two clubs from this North Yorkshire town (Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough Ironopolis), they tried to merge in 1892 yet the Football League didn’t agree (and I’m sure we can all agree on this) that Middlesbrough and Ironopolis F.C. didn’t have a great ring to it, the application was rejected with both sides going their separate ways with the Amateur Leagues… In 1899 with the backing of Newcastle and Sunderland (Who both now exist), Middlesbrough joined the Football League, and amongst the ’92 they have remained ever since.

In recent years; Middlesbrough have become a bit of a bogey side for the Addicks, despite at one stage there being a five year period where these two sides were in separate Divisions, it has been nine years since Charlton last beat Middlesbrough (2-1), ironically the Addicks did the double that year, winning 3-0 at the Riverside, although Middlesbrough got their revenge in the FA Cup Quarter-Finals later that same season, a day which is infamous to Charlton fans, otherwise known as Operation Riverside.

And what happened to Middlesbrough Ironopolis I hear you ask…? – Well the Washers made it into the Football League (1893) quicker than the surviving Middlesbrough, sadly though they would last only a single season (finishing 11th) before going out of business, they would resign from the league and disband in 1894, their last match was a 1-1 draw with South Bank (another side from the same area), Ironopolis and Bottle remain the only two sides to have only spent a single season in the Football League.


Last Result @ the Riverside: Middlesbrough 3-1 Charlton Athletic

Top Trumps

Charlton Team News
When writing a Match Preview, one of the hardest sections to write is the Team News (especially when the eagerly awaited Press Conference has yet to happen), with Karel Fraeye taking temporary charge, there could be any number of changes yet with an almost 100% fit squad to choose from, you’d expect few changes from the team that started against Brentford; Stephen Henderson should remain in goal, whilst Alou Diarra will return from suspension… Simon Makienok will hopefully lead the line so will be between Tony Watt and Reza Ghoochanniejad to see who partners him in attack.

Solly … Bauer … Diarra … Fox
Gudmundsson … Jackson … Cousins … Moussa
Makienok … Ghoochanniejad

Substitutes Bench: Pope … Holmes-Dennis … Bergdich … Ba … McAleny … Ahearne-Grant … Watt

Middlesbrough 1-1 Charlton Athletic



  • 1-3 never predicted a loss before, but I rarely get the result right, so there is some hope.
  • 11-0 ridiculous...

    9-0 They'll never make double figures!
  • we are 8/1 on Betfair.
  • Macronate said:

    we are 8/1 on Betfair.

    Bloomin' heck... What odds they giving us if we lose 8-1... I dont expect us to score a goal but I'll have some of that
  • I'm going for Boro 1 Charlton 2. They are riding high, won at Old Trafford, full of confidence and we are sinking like a stone, have not won for what seems like two years and very low on confidence so it's written in the stars that we will win.

    As for the team, tactics etc then I havn't a clue but I'm confident Karel has and will set us up accordingly as hard to break down but with attacking intent on the break.

    I expect to see something like -

    Solly Bauer Saar Fox
    JBG Jacko Cousins Moussa
    Big Mak

    allowing Watt or KAG to come off the bench late on and get the winner.
  • We never seem to beat Boro.

    I am hoping the team but in a better performance than the last 2 games where we didn't have any believe or ideas on what to do. If Fraeye at least sets us up with some of the basics we have been lacking in the past few games it will be a good start.

  • I expect to see something like -

    Solly Bauer Saar Fox
    JBG Jacko Cousins Moussa
    Big Mak

    allowing Watt or KAG to come off the bench late on and get the winner.

    I like the formation but cant see it... Playing all three Centre Backs would be risky especially if there was an injury
  • We are 9/1 on Betvictor.
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  • 3-0 defeat.
  • Charlton nil.
  • For some reason, I fancy us grabbing a 1-0 away win, Bauer header from a corner.
  • Another week has gone by so the players who came back in last week fitness levels should have gone up a notch again. We got a decent 20 minutes last time so this time we should at least make it to half time unscathed. 45 mins is not enough 2-0 Boro.

    Belgians out!
  • 2-0 defeat after a much improved performance, we'll hold out until the 70th minute before Boro score, and they'll add a second to wrap up the points in the 85th minute say.
  • I'll be going to this, don't know why, and almost didn't bother. Expecting the worst.
  • First time ever I'm predicting a defeat. 4-0 to Boro. COYRD, I mean COYKM, Aah fuck it
  • unfortunately I can't make this one .. can't see anything other than a home win .. BUT .. that will be acceptable (almost) if the reports indicate that the CAFC team went down having put up a good fighting performance for the FULL 90 minutes
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  • They ought to be a bit tired having beaten Manure after penalties last night. Having said that, they ought to be full of confidence too. I’m tempted to think that with a good wind and last Saturday’s team who may be a bit closer to full fitness, we might put up a bit of a fight. But then I think – this is Charlton and I then am more inclined to speculate on how many shots we will have rather than even contemplate an unlikely victory.
  • Can't believe the way things are that we will get a result of any kind so am expecting a bit of a hammering to be honest, which probably means we will get a shock win. KM could try 10 in goal and Hendo in midfield I suppose.
  • Truly,Madley, deeply, i see they have a Ref from down the road from the industrial wasteland. We are in a Maelstrom of Negativity because of the obfuscation and Rolandesque way of running a Pro Football team.

    CAFC to score 2 late goals to win 2-1 (WTF)
  • My total admiration goes to any of you who travels. If Roland had any knowledge of how to work well with people at all which I doubt, he would pay for all your tickets. You all deserve a result, so I will offer a 1-0 win, best of luck.
  • Wonder if Kashi is back.. If so I'd be tempted to go 4231

    Solly Bauer Sarr Fox
    Kashi Diarra
    Gud JJ Moussa

    This would give us plenty of cover in front of the back four allowing the fullbacks to over lap the wingers as they cut inside, and get some crosses in for Big Mak. It also means that we have the extra man in CM and so are less likely to be overrun there... which is important away from home.. so we don't just allow them to control the game from the middle of the park.

    I would say we are slightly short of pace on theach counter attack but we have plenty of that coming from the bench!

    I think cousins could do with a rest and think his energy when coming off the bench will cause problems and allow us to go two up top if we need to.
  • Moussa should not be any where near the 1st 11. He left Fox totally exposed and hardly raise a jog to get back. Cleanest pair of shorts outside of a soap commercial. I gave him 0 on players score. I can only assume the number of 5's he got as nobody could remember anything he did badly and stuck him the middle.
    Need to play 5 in midfield and would rather see Berditch at left wing. At least he can tackle.
  • I’d go Henderson, Solly, Diarra, Bauer, Bergdich, then have a 3 in midfield, Cosuins, Ba and JJ and three up front JBG, Watt and Makienok. Then keep my fingers cross and hope for the best.!!!!
  • Big defeat. I am going for 5-0.
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