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Worst individual performance from a player.

I Remember what I think was Mark Fish's last game for us at home to Man City 2-2 draw.Fish was so bad I pissed myself laughing.I saw Franny Jeffers the next day at the golf club,now Franny can't really talk but when I asked him what the feck fishy was up too,he just said "was you there yesterday" and pissed himself (not literally).


  • Talal El Khalej's appearance was a real stunner!
  • Gary bloody Churchouse
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    Omar Pouso i think it was his 1st and only start
  • Mike Small against Millsmall at the New Den - he was permanently offside indeed my Wet Spam mate told me that he had a PHD in it...:o)
  • Denis Bailey
  • you are joking me and Jamie thought he played well,gettin and giving it.Couldn't understand why he didn't play more.
  • Ok then any Rommerdahl performance at home

    i have always wonderd what game you two watch that lad was dreadful couldnt trap sand or pass to one of ours for toffee
  • Terry Bullivant
  • NLA answer your phone.
  • Cant find the fecking thing hang on a min
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  • jim stannards one and only
  • Dave Shipperley home to Orient in the 70's.

    2 own goals ...... didn't know what day of the week it was, that day.

    The catalyst for turning a safe mediocre midtable season into a full scale kami kazi relegation plummet.
  • I remember Stuart Balmer having an absolute stinker against Ricky Otto away to Southend
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    [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]Ok then any Rommerdahl performance at home

    i have always wonderd what game you two watch that lad was dreadful couldnt trap sand or pass to one of ours for toffee

    remember Konchesky against Chelsea our first conversation LOL
  • Sorry argument
  • Derek Bellotti in goal away to Cardiff, 70's.

    We lost 6-1.
    And sung, "Bellotti's not Bonetti, we can tell, tell, tell .......",.all the way home. lol

    And the Cardiff crew caved in all our coach windows while we were inside it!
  • He was a gobby knut over here though the only reason i never liked the yid mug

    I remember being off my bollox away to Grimsby with Fat Rob and jumble i grabbed Konches head and kept shaking it and putting my ear next to itas if to listen to what was in there he went mental but was too afraid to say or do anything about it. i dont think we clicked then but i was trolleyed, jumble spent the whole evening outside cuddling his mate bollard after not getting let in was one of the funniest nights ever we won by 4 or 5 and i missed every goal but the last

    morale of the story is kids dont do drugs
  • You can take your pick from any of Stuart Balmer's first few games for us, looked nervous and kept scoring own goals. He got better as time went on though thankfully!
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    Mike Hearn, keeper borrowed from Walsall, 70's.

    Went all the way down to Plymouth, got trashed 5-0 - and the only time he touched the ball, was picking it out of the net 5 times.

    He only played for us once.
  • Diawara against Wycombe?
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  • Paddy McCarthy away at Stoke last season.

    Came on for the injured Moo2 as we went 1-0 up.

    Within minutes he gifted Fuller a goal - and bugger me if he did the same again 10 minutes later.
    Let alone for the chances Stoke missed. Lost 2-1 Nightmare..

    Stoke MoM
  • Greg Halford against anyone - lol

    Got to agree with Bing - Mike Small's takes some beating.
  • Nothing would ever beat Mike Small against Millwall, but Mortimer against West Brom was pretty bad.
  • OK Not for us but Sasa Illic loaned to West Ham beaten all ends up, they lost 4-0, don't think he played again. Curbs was quoted as saying it was his way of paying them back for Small.
  • Tom Hovi against Derby was spectacularly bad..
  • [cite]Posted By: FOD[/cite]Diawara against Wycombe?

    or Jerome Thomas
  • All performances by Rommedahl except one........:o)
  • Nigel Gray, centre half from the O's was a nightmare
  • Kim Grant against Notts County. He missed what is without doubt the easiest chance of a fact was harder to miss. He was booed off...Never could understand how home fans can boo their own player off the pitch.
  • Perhaps not the worst performance, but the worst 5 minutes I can recall was a period by Mike Kenning. I can't recall the exact details, but it went something like this - 1) Cut in from wing and shot powerfully hitting the corner flag 2) Cut in from wing and shot powerfully with the ball going for a throw in 3) Blazed 2 miles over the bar 4) Cut inside, went to shoot and had a 'fresh air' shot. I can't remember the game; I am sure Len will.
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